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  1. Thanks, other Laura I figured from the timing they'd already done invites. Surprised they don't at least send out email rejections...
  2. I got a rejection from Indiana State this morning.
  3. I got a no yesterday from Cincinnati. Hope others have had better news.
  4. Same for me, a no from IUPUI. Le sigh. No word from anyone else yet. @AspiringGC , thanks for the info on the international accreditation stuff. Looks like they've made some progress since the last time I looked at it in depth. It still looks like your university has to be somehow approved by them, or their national accreditation approved by them, before you can sit for the exam. Not something I'd want to commit two+ years of study to unless all of that was already in place, but I'm an old and somewhat risk-averse.
  5. For anyone's future reference, both Bay Path and Boise State have said they are OK with Skype interviews. This morning I got two promotional emails, one from Augustana and one from UNCG - both from their general Admissions team, not the GC folks, but still, coordinate your email lists, don't include people you've already rejected, folks! Sigh.
  6. Congrats! I haven't gotten anything either way yet (it's about 2:30p ET on Monday).
  7. Thanks for the reply, makes sense. I'd love to live in the UK too, but I'd hate not having the option to move back to the US and work as a GC if I needed to, for family obligations or similar. I believe the Wales application is also not due until sometime in April.
  8. @mirgiraffe, tell me more about Glasgow - are you a UK citizen planning to stay/go back? I looked into the program in Wales, which only requires a couple of short residence periods each year and is mostly done online. But it seems like the US licensure board has no reciprocal arrangement with the UK, so if I did my training in Wales I'd only be licensed in the UK (currently the UK/EU has some kind of arrangement, but presumably that would be up in the air depending on what happens with Brexit) and there would be no way for me to take the US exam. (I think I got my signature working - yes, I am procrastinating here while clicking 'refresh mail' constantly...)
  9. @MandyN, thanks for the info about the Cincinnati timing - I went to their open house last year as well as the year before, when I was just learning about genetic counseling, and I really like the facilities and everyone I met. @LauraCH, I'll be there on the 22nd. Bummer. ? Fingers crossed today for all of us waiting for an email from IUPUI today. I agree, @catherineu09 . I know that because of all the supervision required, it's hard to increase class sizes in the current format. But I don't see how the profession is ever going to keep up with demand, which is presumably going to continue to increase as genetic testing and genomic medicine become more common and widespread. Even if new programs open each year, that's still only ~10 students per new program per year. Right now, all the programs together can't put out 500 new GCs a year - for the entire United States, and some of those folks are international and go back home. Compared to other health professions that's tiny, and I wonder if GCs will be able to keep their niche or whether related health professions will start filling those roles, just out of necessity.
  10. Congrats @knsawicki on IUPUI and @CH14 on SC. I wonder if IUPUI will be sending out any more invites on Monday, or whether I'm out of the running there. Haven't gotten an official rejection yet so we'll see. It seems like these invites and rejections are going out even earlier this year than they did last year, based on what I read on last year's thread. I got a rejection from Augustana late yesterday afternoon. I was surprised to hear from them so quickly, since their deadline was just Jan 15. I must have really not been what they wanted.
  11. jfb, thanks for the job lead! I searched Indeed just the other day but always seem to get a bunch of non-relevant positions in with the relevant ones; something about the word 'assistant' throws it off somehow... Since we're in the same area, if you ever want to grab some coffee and talk about GC stuff, let me know. Or maybe I'll see you at the IU interviews (*fingers crossed*) I just got an interview invite from Oklahoma! Yahoo! I was so afraid I wasn't going to get any invites at all.
  12. jfb, thanks for the info about the IU notification date. My fingers are crossed, as that's one of the programs I applied to as well. Already got two rejections, one from Minnesota and one this morning from UNCG. My mind is now churning with all the things I meant to do but didn't, grades that should have been better, more shadowing that I should have done... I applied to nine programs overall, so I still have 7 chances for an interview: IUPUI, Oklahoma, Indiana State, Cincinnati, UAB, VCU and Augustana. Anybody else applied to any of those? I'm also a transitioner but it seems like you've got a ton of both research experience and then the GCA work; you're a lot more ahead of the game than me! Is your GCA position in the Indy area?
  13. Looks like two more universities are trying to start up GC programs: Dixie State Univ. in Utah: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/dixie/jobs/1928178/assistant-professor-of-genetic-counseling-program-director Kean Univ. in NJ: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Kean-University-NJCSTM/jobs/Assistant-Professor-3c256001467d5eaf?q=genetic+counseling+assistant
  14. Hi, Rae (and all - I've been a lurker so far and have found this forum immensely informative and helpful; thank you!) - is the genomic advocacy program you're doing at Indiana State? I've considered applying to that myself, especially if I don't get in this round (probably won't, still working on finishing up prereqs etc.).
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