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    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Omg I applied to Wyoming too, just praying they are still sending out invites!
  2. TheDidacticStudent

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    Worries: This is my second cycle of applying and I only applied to 3 schools as they were the only ones I could see myself genuinely happy in. 2 of them I was waitlisted for last year. As days pass I see more and more posts about how other people have gotten an interview and I have not yet. I was so sure I'd get one since I had one last year and nearly got in and I thought my application was only stronger now; I guess that was arrogant of me. I know I would be a good fit for the program and would flourish there; I just want a chance to show them. Excitement: It's not over yet- the anxious part of me wants to ignore that it's only 12/29 and still in the midst of the holidays- the people who got the emails for interviews could have different POI's. I daydream about getting in all the time- the area is so outdoorsy there would be so many trails!! It's a small town with cute little boutiques and I talked to the POI's current grad students and he's flexible about what your research is and he doesn't use you as a work horse. It would be a dream to get in!! Thanks for starting this thread lol I think my friends and co-workers are tired of hearing me talk about it and I don't think they realize how competitive it is.
  3. TheDidacticStudent

    So you didn't get into the Ph.D.

    Today I got an email from the professor I wanted to work with from my number one choice school saying I was off the wait-list and that they couldn't admit me this cycle. I have been bouncing from OK to really bummed. (When I was initially wait-listed I was crying and ridiculous). I only applied to 4 schools so that was definitely one of my issues but I responded to him, saying I was disappointed but not discouraged and I intended to apply again next year and asked for suggestions to strengthen my application- he told me to narrow my focus (it was initially interpersonal traumas but i need to narrow it further- which makes sense). In addition to that, I have a new research opportunity and a publication in the works. I tried to look at Ph.D. programs today, just jump back into it and that was a mistake- I felt so overwhelmed. I'm trying to cope with this (the rejection) by planning fun stuff this upcoming year (like a trip to Walt Disney World things like that) but even that seems to be daunting right now.... I guess I'm hoping I can cope by talking to people about it. How is everyone else coping?
  4. TheDidacticStudent

    So you didn't get into the Ph.D.

    I applied to UCCS (no interview), Wyoming (was waitlisted), NIU (was waitlisted) and Birmingham (which actually hasn't said anything at all- but I suspect rejected). This is further than I got last year so I think it's worth it to apply again next year you know? Waitlisted is close...ish.... Where did you apply?
  5. TheDidacticStudent

    So you didn't get into the Ph.D.

    I find your smiley face with a tear relatable on a spiritual level.
  6. TheDidacticStudent

    So you didn't get into the Ph.D.

    Yes! That's exactly right, like sometimes I'm totally fine and gung-ho about applying again next year and then sometimes I just feel overwhelmed about going through the process again you know? You have to find out which professors are taking students (it might not be the same as it was this year)- I need to broaden the school's I'm looking at and yadda yada. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired lol but I suppose that isn't helping anything...
  7. TheDidacticStudent

    So you didn't get into the Ph.D.

    I agree, I need a dog man.
  8. TheDidacticStudent

    Spouse coming to PhD interview/recruitment

    I think you should turn down their accommodations and explain you will be coming with your partner so that they may see the city too and will book your own room accordingly. I think asking them to provide your partner with housing during your interview (while totally understandable) might come off bad you know? I could be totally off base-just my opinion.
  9. TheDidacticStudent

    It has begun...

    This gives me hope lol. Question: If we didn't get a preliminary invite does that mean we weren't their first choice?
  10. TheDidacticStudent

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    I feel everyone here feels similarly to varying degrees, so massive thank you for starting this thread. Good news is you are taking it in stride and looking at the bright side. I wish I could provide more solace outside of simply validating your feelings but being in the same boat, that's all I can do. You have every right to be stressed and I know how much this must mean to you. However, I think we must all be mindful: what will be will be. The time where we could still actively do something stopped when we pressed that submit button and torturing ourselves with the unknown only hurts us and our loved ones that have to put up with us. So stay strong my friend, keep looking at that silver lining and binge watch Netflix holiday specials. Hopefully listening to others stories here and knowing you aren't alone helps (I know it's helping me) and we can get through this together. **Hops off dramatic soap box**
  11. TheDidacticStudent

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    Thank you! I feel similarly! I applied to UCCS, Wyoming, NIU and Birmingham. All of these schools are within my range (or so I thought) GRE scores are V 161 (88%) Q 154 (55%) W 4.5 (82%) and subject 700 (76%). I have my Master's (GPA 3.7) and my undergraduate GPA was like a 3.8. I really want these programs because they are trauma based. I presently work in crisis response (I've been WAY too distracted these past 2 days) and many of our clients are trauma victims. I want to help them but feel I lack the knowledge and experience to do so. I know I have the potential to be a great therapist and I WILL contribute to the field in a big way. I just need a chance, a foot in to door. I see others are getting interview invites from UCCS and Wyoming already (my top 2 schools) and I've heard nothing. I talk to my friends about it and they say "you can apply next year", I don't see how I will be better next year. I know it's not over, I know I haven't gotten a rejection but my refresh button on my email has been pressed so much it'd be hilarious if it weren't for the crippling self doubt. Do you think UCCS and Wyoming are done handing out interview invites or that I even have a chance? I welcome your honesty here!!!

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