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  1. She*, her*. I know sexual dimorphism is really not as pronounced in humans than other animals, so it's best to use "they/them" unless you're absolutely sure of their gender. I'm confused because I never said anywhere that I was accepted to a PhD program... The red in my signature indicates a rejection.
  2. Thankfully, I'm already fluent in Italian, so I'm not too worried about the program not having Italian language. The main thing I want to do at an MA program is learn other languages (French and Latin, most likely German). The main thing I like about this program is that it has great access to archives, and has special training for interpreting these sources. It's also in reach of other countries and their archives, which I could get a stipend to go explore. The main thing I'm worried about is the price, though.
  3. It wouldn't be crazy to turn down HiLi, right? I advocate for not paying for grad school, but...
  4. Everything was great. I got a full tuition scholarship to a great program, and was over the moon! Then, I got a notification that I was accepted to an Ivy League Masters program, with a 20% scholarship. It has a great reputation and is an Ivy League, and close to relevant archives, but I'm not sure if coming up with the other 80% (plus living expenses) would be doable or worth it. I usually advocate for not paying for grad school, but would I be crazy if I turned this down?
  5. I got all my application materials in on 2/21!
  6. If anyone is waiting to hear from Columbia about HiLi, I just got my acceptance letter with a 20% off fellowship!
  7. OP, I would really think about spending money on an MA. Like, really think about it. Student loan debt sucks, and I would advise getting into as little debt as you can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Even if it is cheaper, you also have to consider the fact that you have to pay for living expenses, relocation, etc. In addition to spending ~33k in USD for tuition and fees, you would have to spend the money out of pocket to get to England (and back, including any visits that you want to have with family), rent/housing, food, etc. It's still a lot of money, just a little less than you have to pay doing an American MA. Bottom line is that you shouldn't pay to go to grad school, at least according to several professors and people on GradCafe.
  9. I got into a good MA program with full funding with a pretty varied course load. The director of the program didn't mention my course load at all, but emphasized that they were impressed by my writing sample! I know that @OHSP already mentioned this, but Masters at Ivy schools have a reputation of being cash cows, and I'm pretty sure that MA programs in the UK also tend to be unfunded. Funded MA programs are rare, but they exist! I've always heard the advice of not paying for graduate school and I believe that whole-heartedly.
  10. Not sure if this belongs here or in Officially Grads, so let me know if I would be better served somewhere else! I accepted a full tuition scholarship with the program that I will be attending in the fall and I'm ecstatic! Unfortunately, the tuition scholarship does not include a stipend for living expenses. I applied for two different assistantships at the university, but I'm preparing myself for the worst case scenario of not getting an assistantship. I have a job currently and will be working over the summer to save up some more money. When is a good time to start applying to job
  11. Does anyone have worsened "senioritis" after being accepted?
  12. You might want to look at the Masters program at Saint Louis University. We're not a top-ranked program for history PhDs, but we in general have a very strong medieval and early modern history program!
  13. So exciting! Safe travels!
  14. I was honestly incredibly worried that it might be a bad idea to get my Masters at the same place I got my Bachelors, so her response was almost relieving in that it confirmed what I had already thought (and solidified my choice!).
  15. I was accepted to the MA-PhD and, though I declined the offer, I hadn't heard anything about funding. Since I'm an undergrad there, the program director urged me not to attend.
  16. That's awesome! Small 'site! I had vaguely heard of Bryn Mawr, so that's awesome information. I have seen that the Main Line area is pretty expensive and that the city proper is a bit more reasonable, but I'm hoping that I can get a decent deal with a roommate.
  17. This may be the wrong place to ask, but what would be appropriate dress for a visit/Admitted Students Day?
  18. I've seen acceptances for the MA (both funded and not) on the results page already. My page just says "under review."
  19. I'm in the same boat (including moving to Philadelphia)! Following.
  20. Also, SLU poster (if you're here), PM me if you have any questions about the school or department.
  21. Thank you! It's an undergraduate journal at a nearby university.
  22. This is a good idea-- thank you! I'm having a whirlwind weekend. I got my full funding scholarship, accepted my offer, and was notified today that I'm going to be published!
  23. That's such amazing news!! Congratulations!
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