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  1. I know that @TexasTiger had also applied at Villanova, but for anyone else who may have been accepted: I emailed the program director about language opportunities and the stipend doesn't cover undergrad language courses, but a lot of history/grad students will unofficially take language courses. Apparently the undergrad language professors are usually happy to have "dedicated graduate students" in their classes.
  2. I accepted my Villanova offer!
  3. I also got the tuition scholarship, but I applied for a graduate assistantship in the graduate office as well! The program director said that they can't offer a stipend with the tuition scholarship, but given that all of the classes are once a week and at night and the duties to the history dept. are only 7 hours a week, she stressed that a lot of people do get jobs, usually on campus. After thinking about it a ton and talking about it to my parents, I think I'm going to accept the Villanova offer. There's a lot of flexibility in the program, good research opportunities, and I would be a
  4. Excitement: I got a full tuition scholarship to Villanova! Worries: I now have to decide between two programs. I'm heavily leaning one way but I'm worried that it's too early to make a choice.
  5. Right now, I have one language under my belt; I'm a history and Italian studies double major. I'm also working on some independent study in Latin and French, but it's not formal. Both programs are two years, and Villanova offers courses during the summer.
  6. Is it too early to make a decision? Either way, I need some advice/help choosing: School A: My current/undergrad institution. Accepted for the MA to PhD in American history (not sure if I can transfer to a European history program) and no word on funding. I love the program and know there's a supportive grad school environment. There are also some fantastic medievalists and early modernists here. Rigid program (less room to explore) and lack of public history, which I'm interested in. I have the option of writing a thesis and I know that there's travel funding available. I know the city w
  7. Thank you, @fortsibut and @Ccthomas95! I'm over the moon. I expected partial funding from VU given my not-stellar stats, but the program director specifically mentioned that the committee was impressed by my writing sample. I have until April 15 to decide, but I'm hoping to make a decision by the time that I could register for classes at Villanova. I had been heavily leaning towards their program, so this really solidified that lead. It looks like Toronto decisions have gone out, and the MA programs at Columbia and NYU probably wouldn't give me a full tuition scholarship. I'm just worrie
  8. It's an MA program! The school only offers a terminal MA program, which is likely why I was able to get full funding.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm weighing two options right now and, judging by the results page and the lack of funding for two of the other masters programs I'm applying to, I feel like these will be my best two options. I'm leaning towards one school, which has class registration in mid-March and has asked me to notify them of their decisions as soon as possible. A: My current undergrad institution, where I got into the MA to PhD program. This is a more rigid program (I was accepted for American but want to do European history), but I know the faculty and there are a ton of really great scholars. The
  10. It definitely is, especially considering I haven't heard anything concrete from SLU about funding (and still haven't heard if I could specialize in European and not American history)! Thanks, @fordlandia!
  11. Great news! I just got the notification that I received a full tuition scholarship from Villanova!
  12. I applied to Harvard for an American history PhD. AFAIK, all of the acceptances have already gone out.
  13. Funding is definitely my priority! I'm hoping that I'll have to choose between two funded programs, so I'm kind of biding my time until Villanova gets back to me.
  14. When I got my second acceptance, I was in the car and saw Hamilton right after!
  15. I know that SLU funds Masters programs, though I'm not sure about the stipend. I could do the MA at my current school and a PhD somewhere else with ease (a lot of students have done so previously, with a good maintained relationship), so I'm not too incredibly worried about that. I'm not sure about funding yet for Villanova, but I should find out within the next week or so.
  16. Got my first waitlist from Loyola Chicago. Honestly, not sure if I would accept if I was being accepted, given the fact that they're not a ranked program and they're primarily an American history school.
  17. I haven't heard yet, but the program admin said to reach out if I haven't heard by the 26th (and the program director said I should find out by the end of the month)! I'm honestly not sure where I'm leaning at the moment. They're both great programs.
  18. Just got the official rejection from Rutgers. Congrats to admits!
  19. Oh my goodness, those sound like the best tickets. I absolutely loved it; the national tour cast was incredible. Thank you! I'm very excited.
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