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  1. I committed to UW’s global health metrics program. So pumped. Now to get ready to move across the country...
  2. I’m in he same boat! I just want to find out and make my final decision alreadyyyyyy
  3. @epi_phd2018 I was notified informally about my acceptance at UGA in part because they’re hoping to submit me for a university-wide scholarship. I believe those are decided in the next few days and the department will have a better idea of funding for the entire department after those external scholarships have been allocated. But I don’t have anything in my grad status profile yet, but I think “formal” decisions should be coming soon? (That’s just my read of the situation though!) Best of luck and congrats on UAB and Drexel!
  4. I also applied for metrics! I interviewed right around the same time, so it’s reassuring to know we’re both waiting it out still! Hopefully it’s good news for us both! ??
  5. Did anyone else apply to UW’s metrics and implementation science global health PhD? It’s the last one I’m waiting to hear from and inevitably my #1 choice ?. (if interest for data points: accepted at Pitt epi, UW epi, UGA Epi, Tulane global biostatistics; rejected by emory Epi)
  6. Just got my acceptance email too!!! Accepted at Pitt Epi last week too. Finding it challenging to understand funding for most schools...anyone have some clarity on that and/or feeling similarly confused?
  7. Sorry about the rejection. Did they contact you via email? I am worried I am missing something on the Pitt platform And when did you apply? I am waiting nervously for any news!
  8. Emory epi phd rejection here too. Don’t think my interests lined up well with those of the faculty....best of luck to everyone else!
  9. New to grad cafe and a bit behind the ball with posting it seems! But I too am getting antsy and am enjoying reading everyone’s backgrounds and processes! Undergrad Institution: Big state school Major: Biology and French (double major) Minor(s): Statistics GPA: 3.6 Grad Institution: Top 10 PH school Concentration: Biostatistics Grad GPA: 3.7 GRE: 161V, 161 Q, 5W Statistician at the CDC for 3.5 Years with extensive work internationally, RA and TA experience in grad school and undergrad Strong letters of rec from CDC statisticians, epidemiologists Publications/Presentations: 3 first author papers, 6 coauthor papers, others in development, 2 conference presentations Applied to UW GH metrics, UW Epi, Tulane Global biostatistics and Data Science, UGA Epi, Emory Epi Acceptances / interviews: Admitted at Tulane Global biostatistics and Data Science, no word about funding I is anyone really familiar with the funding process? It seems like every school has a different mechanism, and some schools seem to admit more students than they offer funding to.... and how important do you think contacting faculty before applying is? I emailed or called someone at 3/6 schools and I’m hoping that’s not a deal breaker....
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