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  1. Saw a UGA applicant on the survey/results page asking about a decision because they haven't heard. I reached out (much earlier on) to the grad school and was told I am essentially waitlisted. My application has not been updated since I submitted it and still says "decision pending." I have accepted another offer to a better school, but I wish you luck!! To be honest, the lack of communication with UGA has been really disheartening. You should tell your applicants if they are waitlisted! Plus, when I reached out earlier and they told me I was "on the list of qualified applicants" or whatever, they also told me I shouldn't be pressured by other schools to accept scholarships or because it is not what an accredited, upstanding school would do. Meanwhile...they haven't told me anything. Anyway, best of luck to you!!! If UGA is what you want, I really really hope you get it!!!
  2. In an email - I got my portal acceptance after my email one. I don't know that there was funding information on the portal either...hope that helps!
  3. I got my funding and acceptance the same time - maybe a week after the doctoral day? Also, anybody feeling overwhelmed? I'm so grateful to have options but I feel a bit like at the end of the day they're all the same. What factors are going into your decisions?
  4. I can't speak for the other programs, but I think Drexel's accepted students have received offers. Have you interviewed or did you attend the doctoral day? If not, you are either on the waitlist or rejected - although I don't know if people have received Drexel rejections and I think I may have saw some on the results page. I would try contacting the department (I think Mary is the name of the grad coordinator) and they might be able to give you more specific information. Good luck!!
  5. Not an MPH student/applicant, but a doctoral one - have you considered Drexel? I know a few people that have gotten MPHs at Drexel and I am really interested in their PhD program. I visited a few weeks ago for an interview and was really surprised how much I liked it. I went to a top 10 MPH program and I loved it, but @hccgrl is kinda right - it is more about your experience than anything else. Good luck!
  6. Just wanna chime in y'all - I reached out to another program once I heard an acceptance with a really quick turnaround, and they basically told me they are waiting to hear back from their first group of admissions before sending out additional admits. I was told I am on the list of qualified applicants, but they don't know if they could offer me admission without hearing back from their initial offers. Anyone get the sense funding is super tight this year?? I mean obviously, but I think it's affected quite a bit of our experiences. I declined one of my previous fully funded offers with the hope that the karma would transfer to this other school (which is the only program potentially able to overtake my current top admission) but still no such luck. Hang in there, y'all! We will make it out of this somehow!
  7. eeeeerin89: Thank you so much! I emailed the program coordinator and I got a response that they would definitely release decisions by the end of March, but I hope your read of the situation was more accurate! Congratulations on all your acceptances!!
  8. Hi! I've been stalking y'all for a while now so I apologize that you didn't get my background! For the record: Accepted at UAB and Drexel, rejected at UW and Emory, waiting from basically everywhere else. Question for eeeeerin89 (and all other UGA applicants to the epi program): when did you hear back? I've been waiting in no mans land for months at this point, and my funding offers at other schools (i.e. UAB and Drexel) expire at the end of the month. Did you receive funding/contact potential advisors prior to your acceptance? Also CONGRATULATIONS to all of those who've gotten acceptances, and for those of you that haven't, don't lose the faith! There is still plenty of time left.
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