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  1. I need help deciding between VCU and Hunter. VCU would be in state tuition and about 20k less than Hunter (including cost of living estimates). Additionally, at VCU you don't need to specialize until your second year which appeals to me as I am attracted to both macro and micro social work. However, I have lots of family in NYC, plus all the culture and opportunities in the city are hard to say no to. I also feel like my career prospects would be better going to school in NYC, and that could justify the debt I would have to go in to. Any thoughts? Is NYC worth about ~25k in debt?
  2. I applied on Jan.14th for the regular track and did not interview. They want my decision by March 1st so I feel like I would have fin aid info by now. I think I'm going to call and ask for a deadline extension because I've only heard back from one other school (out of 8 total).
  3. Hi guys I was notified of my acceptance via email last Thursday! If they didn't include any information about financial aids (specifically grants/scholarships), should I assume I didn't qualify for any?
  4. I graduated last May with some light research experience (a minor role in a lab and some brief independent study)- no pubs or conferences. I've been looking for some full time research positions but have had a hard time finding anything (despite living in a university town). With minor research experience, am I better off waiting to apply to Clinical PhD programs until I have some more impressive qualifications? I have a good undergrad GPA and majored in Psych.
  5. I would look up the requirements for an LPC in your state. If you meet those requirements, go for an LPC if you're curious what professional counseling is like. If not, and you are certain about getting a PhD, just go for that.
  6. Well getting an LPC will take at least 4 years (assuming you do not have a relevant masters degree) depending on what state you're in. So it would not be a quick stepping stone. I say if you know you want the PhD to just do that directly. I'm in a similar position except I am not sure at all if I want a PhD or want to go for a Masters and a counselling/private practice career.
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