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  1. @educonomist I’m more than happy to answer any questions on PM! (To note, TC is an amazing place, so I don’t want to be construed as suggesting they are not in a public way. My search was slightly unique and my decision set may or may not be similar to others’.)
  2. Hi, @educonomist! Yep—Dec 15. There is only one Ph.D. deadline for the program. March 31 was the first contact for TC for an interview. My acceptance came very quickly after that, though!
  3. Hi, friends! Just FYI, I applied to Ed Policy at TC last year (Ph.D.) and did not have an initial interview until March 31. Their timeline is very delayed. Good luck!
  4. @dustn123, I cannot say that I do. It looks like there were a few posts on the results page (Ed Policy, Higher Ed, Quant Methods), though. Good luck!
  5. @swertl I treated my visit as pretty formal, but some of my meetings/interviews were very relaxed. I also know some programs invite more students than they can admit, while others may only invite the exact number of candidates they can accept. Unfortunately, I am not sure there is a way to tell beforehand. I do not believe admissions decisions are made before this weekend, so I would certainly treat it as influencing your admissions decision. Good luck!
  6. Hi, @swertl! Congratulations! I am a first-year Ph.D. student at Penn GSE. Are you a Ph.D. or Ed.D. applicant? And, for what Division? I can hopefully provide some more nuanced context that way. Generally, though, all attendees will be finalists for their respective doctoral programs. There will be general programming about GSE and Division-specific meetings and interviews (or, at least, that was my experience). I believe I wore business casual (a dress shirt, blazer, and slacks) for the evening mixer and wore a full suit and tie on the full day (which, for me, included interviews). You should receive a phone call soon from Penn GSE to answer any questions and to begin scheduling your travel. I am excited for you! This weekend solidified Penn as my top choice. Safe travels!
  7. highered01

    UPenn GSE 2018

    I just received a formal offer of admission to one of the Ph.D. programs! It seems as though these are going out throughout the day (received my email 2 hours after @jasper1208). Good luck, everyone!
  8. highered01

    UPenn GSE 2018

    Hey, @Molly123 and others! I also attended the doctoral weekend and heard Penn GSE will send emails with all final decisions on March 1 (Thursday).
  9. highered01

    HGSE 2018

    Harvard Graduate School Of Education (HGSE) Education, PhD (F18) Accepted via Phone on 7 Feb 2018 A 7 Feb 2018 Harvard (HGSE) Education, PhD (F18) Accepted via Phone on 6 Feb 2018 A 7 Feb 2018 Accepted into EPPE program. Skype interview with advisor 2 weeks ago. Harvard Education, PhD (F18) Accepted via Phone on 6 Feb 2018 A 7 Feb 2018
  10. highered01

    HGSE 2018

    FYI, all: Harvard Grad School Of Education Education, PhD (F18) Accepted via Phone on 6 Feb 2018 6 Feb 2018
  11. Spoke (posted?) too soon! Got a call from the Director of CSHPE at Michigan with an offer of admission to the PhD in Higher Education program this afternoon. So excited!
  12. Hi, all! I'm a PhD applicant to several Higher Ed/Ed Policy programs. Has anyone heard from (or heard back from, post-interview) Michigan, UVA, or Columbia? Thanks, and best of luck to everyone!
  13. Hey, @edu_21 and @Cookiz! I was under the impression that Stanford didn’t do interviews at all for their PhD programs in Education. Previous posters seemed to understand the same—and previous posts only list admissions decisions. There have been two more posts today, so, I’m not super hopeful anymore. I would also assume that the programs are on a relatively consistent schedule. I will say, it seems like Stanford sends clear decisions to all applicants (acceptances and even rejections) in mid-February, so that’s nice. Fingers crossed for everyone!
  14. FYI, there is a Stanford GSE PhD (SHIPS) post on the results page. Interview via email on Jan 23. GPA: 3.67. GRE: 168/170/4.5.
  15. I applied to the PhD in Ed Policy and have not heard anything. From previous years’ posts, it seems like their timeline has been quite sporadic.
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