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  1. Gauss2017

    Fall 2019 Stat PhD Profile Evaluation

    I agree with bayessays. Your research interest seems very narrow. I would broaden my statement. I would also see if you can get a LOR from a stat professor. Your qualifications seem in general to be excellent. Oftentimes math and stat professors don't interact much
  2. At UCB about 80 or 90 per cent of the starting PHd students complete the degree. The rest usually get an offer from industry that they cant refuse and go to work in industry. So getting a masters degree is not usually an issue. That said after one or two years most PHd students would qualify for a masters degree and would get it if they left.
  3. It really isn’t hit or miss for everyone. That being said I would apply to the top ten schools. I think you have the qualifications that a lot of them are looking for.
  4. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Applicant

    Berkeley and Irvine have strong programs. Irvine is up and coming Some of the schools on your list welcome diversity and women and some appear to discriminate against women. You are a strong candidate so you dont want to wind up at a place that does support gender diversity
  5. You may want to think about stat 212 for the spring instead of math 114. Recently 212 has been taught by Strook from MIT and he does a good job. It is basically an advanced probability class with real analysis mixed in. Other good classes are stat 149 and stat 186 if you can fit them in your schedule
  6. Grad students can take math 112. Math 112 is the basic upper division real analysis class(Rudin or some variation of it). Math 114 is the standard graduate level analysis(Royden) at most schools.
  7. The graduate level real analysis at Harvard math 212 a and b is extremely advanced and should probably only be taken by math grad students. Stat 210 and 212 should serve your needs. 210 is usually taught by Blitzstein who is an excellent teacher
  8. You may want to think about Duke, Upenn, and Michigan. They are very good programs
  9. Gauss2017

    PhD First Year Examination

    Berkeley doesn’t have any written qualifying exams for the PHd
  10. The only place it is necessary for is Stanford. So generally it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever
  11. Gauss2017

    Deadline Predicament - Advice Needed

    Both UCI and Michigan have good reputations. You cant go wrong with either program. I would email the chair of the department at Michigan and tell him you want to visit and go as soon as you can. How much does cold weather bother you?
  12. Gauss2017

    Yale vs. Columbia Statistics PhD

    http://www.yalescientific.org/2012/04/the-story-of-science-at-yale-part-ii-sizing-up-science-at-yale/ Over the years I have heard stories of inadequate funding and staffing for some of their STEM programs. Here is a petition by the CS students from a couple of years ago http://www.businessinsider.com/yale-computer-science-petition-2015-3
  13. Gauss2017

    Yale vs. Columbia Statistics PhD

    Yale doesn’t have a good reputation in most STEM fields. They are working on improving it. I would go with Columbia especially if you want to go into industry
  14. @moxis I am not a nationalist. Sorry to disappoint you. I am about as Blue as you can get. Sorry to burst your sexist bubble. It is called the #metoo movement. And yes I do believe if the people of the US are paying for a large portion of Stanfords budget then most of the benefits should go to domestic applicants. Your bullying and name calling tactics will not scare or deter me if that was your goal. You were wondering how nationality can be determined. It is called websites and linkedin. You may want to look into those concepts. Best of luck to you.
  15. If the professors are sextist and violate title 9 they are not esteemed and need to be fired immediately . They are disgusting human beings. At least 50 per cent of the students should be domestic because taxpayers are giving huge breaks to Stanford as well as the federal government providing huge amounts of research funding. Also I dont believe that 90 per cent of the best students exist outside of the US or that virtually all of them are male. FYI there is a huge battle going on at UC over this issue http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-uc-audit-admissions-20160328-story.html

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