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  1. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    Speowi I see you downvoted my post where I suggested that posters should be polite. That says a lot. It is always better to politely address your concerns.
  2. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    No everybody who presents a contrary opinion to you is not a troll. Yes i do support the advocacy of the disabled , women in stem and URMs. ien hasn’t posted a lot and may not know all the rules of etiquette in posting. Rather than criticize them a better approach would have been to politely express your concerns
  3. I am not a troll so please dont attempt to use that to discredit a law you dont like. The ADA is actually fact intensive and each case depends on the facts . Insert have you worked on disability cases and have knowledge of the extent and reach of the law? I have worked with students with disabilities.
  4. You are really talking about something you clearly know nothing about. You are the one polluting this thread. Stop calling names and using bullying tactics. The OP stated they were ill at the time of the bad grade. That can be a qualifying disability that requires an academic adjustment. I have actually helped students with disabilities under the ADA. Have you. If you are associated with an academic institution you would be wise to go to your disability office and learn about the ADA. It is the law whether you think it is fair or not
  5. Basesays you are just wrong. You are giving bad advice. I suggest you take the time to read the ADA . The ADA protects people with illnesses such as the duckster. Schools are required as a matter of law to make academic adjustments for demonstrated illnesses. The academic adjustment is what would take some time to properly craft for the duckster. If the bad grade is as a result of the disability you can request that it be overlooked. It is really serious violation to not consider the ADA in the appropriate cases The cite is 29 USCS 794 et seq. "No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States . . . shall, solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance . . . . "
  6. It would be great if some of the faculty posters or post docs could share with us what training they have had in regards to the ADA and what they do to insure compliance with it in the admissions process The Department of Education indicates that if you had a disability you should notify the school. They are then required to make an academic adjustment as a matter of law. Many schools have student disability services that can help greatly with the process and with the department
  7. Gauss2017

    Undergrad research in area other than stats

    The other thing is was it done in logic, meta mathematics or set theory which are important foundations for math
  8. The ADA makes it very illegal to discrimate against anyone with a health issue. If necessary special procedures need to be in place to insure compliance during the admissions process. It would be very informative if @cyberwulf could discuss what procedures are in place at his university to insure compliance with the ADA during the admissions process. I think that would help address ducksters concerns
  9. Domestic white females are an underrepresented group in most statistics PhD programs. Subtle comments in Math programs directed towards women are not uncommon and can be considered as unconscious bias. If you struggled with any unconscious bias that is a good thing to write about in your statement. UW seems to try to do a good jib of picking a diverse class
  10. You indicated you are a domestic white female previously. Have you had any gender or race issues of your own at your undergraduate school you could talk about? Were you involved in women in math groups?
  11. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Applicant

    Great advice from Stat PHD now
  12. Gauss2017

    Low GRE Q score; should I retake?

    Under the ADA you can ask for special accomodations for test taking such as the GRE. In some cases they can double the amount of allowed time. This is especially true if you have ever seen a Dr for anxiety. Special accomodations are also applicable to qualifying exams for a PHD
  13. I on the other hand think you are the one not me who fails to possess basic analytical reasoning skills. Your attempt at bullying your way through an argument will not work. I never said that one should never report their GRE subject score. You acknowledged your mistake above in regards to what you thought I said about submitting GRE scores but then in the last post repeated the claim you have previously acknowledged was wrong. When you describe normative and descriptive claims frankly you are using just poor logic. You are making the assumption that there are only two choices. If one sees 10,000 on the sidewalk you indicate that there are only two choices 1) picking it up for yourself or 2) walking past it. There are a number of other choices. One of which is picking up the money and returning it to the rightful owner or the police. I have been faced personally with this type of situation many times in the past and I have taken the time to seek out the rightful owner of the property. Sometimes we have to have take the morally superior action. You previously indicated that the GRE subject test is a bad predictor of success and should not be used in the admissions process but then amazingly list a whole group of people that the subject test could and should help. That makes no logical sense. As stated previously the test is at best a predictor of race and gender. It is a means to discriminate. Why would you want to help in such a process? Finally you have a misunderstanding of evidence. Just because Cal and UW say it is okay to submit the subject test doesnt mean it will do you any good. Do you have any in depth knowledge of the way they conduct their admissions process or are you engaging in speculation? I can point you in the direction of some good online evidence classes if you would like. There is a huge difference between evidence and argument. If you need help please let me know.
  14. Insert_name_here I am not a troll. I am some one who cares about society and justice. I would hope you care the same.
  15. It is likewise apparent that you still don't get it. You admitted that subject tests should not be used in the admission process yet you still think that students should voluntarily submit their scores. That is not a solution but something that exacerbates an already huge problem adversely affecting large segments of academia and our society as a whole. I don't champion something that I know to be wrong. I think you and I differ on this point. As a matter of fact you have no evidence to support your position. So your reflections on my comments are much more than applicable to your opinions which are not grounded in fact. I am sure you are aware that Berkeley looks for a diverse student body in their graduate admissions and uses a holistic approach? This is what UW has to say about the students they look for "We welcome applicants from culturally diverse backgrounds. Consistent with our goal of enhancing the intellectual excellence of the department and University of Washington community, we actively welcome students from diverse backgrounds and students who have worked with diverse groups."

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