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  1. Gauss2017

    GRE Math Subject Test

    There have been lots of studies to indicate that the use of the GRE subject test causes discrimination against women and under represented minorities. This years Stanford cohort does not appear to have any women. I don’t think Stanford statistics in the last 5 or 10 years has had any URMs. There appears to be a causal connection.
  2. I agree pretty much completely with Statfan. They gave you great advice
  3. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    You are probably correct about Stanford. Those are numbers I heard for Berkeley and UW. I assumed as many people would want to go to Stanford. I guess I was wrong. Lots of people dont see the relevancy of the mathGRE for statistics programs. That’s why virtually no departments require it.
  4. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    I would be surprised if you dont get into Davis unless they see you as over qualified and reject you on that basis. I wouldnt worry about the lack of research experience. I dont think it will make a difference in your case. Berkeley and Stanford accept about 20 students out of about 400 to 500 so there is a lot to the holistic admission process. Each one has about a 50 per cent yield of admitted students. Good luck
  5. Applied math I think the level of coursework preparation also depends on the US institution where the classes are taken. Some graduate schools also do not require students to repeat classes they have taken already
  6. I personally dont think there is any harm in contacting the head of graduate admissions at Duke. Grad school is about fit and they are looking for students who will be a good fit for their program and who are enthusiastic about going there. Some schools dont like to accept undergrad alumni into their grad program. Duke does take some students who went there as an undergrad. Having a masters at another school is a definitive plus. I think your undergrad GPA is fine. Admissions is holistic. They are looking at the whole picture not one small piece. I agree with applied math that a lot of people with 3.8 plus get rejected from top programs but it is because it is only part of the whole package. Lots of people with less than 3.8 also get accepted at top programs
  7. I think your qualifications are good enough to get into the top 10. I would not take the GRE subject test. I also think your GPA is fine. My only comment is I wouldnt make my statement of interest too narrow. That could be a red flag to some schools. If you feel comfortable to answer what is your masters school?
  8. Gauss2017

    2019 stat PhD profile

    I think you have a great profile except for the 3.0 GRE score. I would try to improve that if you can
  9. Gauss2017

    2019 Stat/Biostat Phd Profile

    I think you have good chances at some of the schools but I think you should definitely try to improve your GRE W and V scores for a better shot
  10. Gauss2017

    Fall 2019 Stat PhD Profile Evaluation

    I agree with bayessays. Your research interest seems very narrow. I would broaden my statement. I would also see if you can get a LOR from a stat professor. Your qualifications seem in general to be excellent. Oftentimes math and stat professors don't interact much
  11. At UCB about 80 or 90 per cent of the starting PHd students complete the degree. The rest usually get an offer from industry that they cant refuse and go to work in industry. So getting a masters degree is not usually an issue. That said after one or two years most PHd students would qualify for a masters degree and would get it if they left.
  12. It really isn’t hit or miss for everyone. That being said I would apply to the top ten schools. I think you have the qualifications that a lot of them are looking for.
  13. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Applicant

    Berkeley and Irvine have strong programs. Irvine is up and coming Some of the schools on your list welcome diversity and women and some appear to discriminate against women. You are a strong candidate so you dont want to wind up at a place that does support gender diversity
  14. You may want to think about stat 212 for the spring instead of math 114. Recently 212 has been taught by Strook from MIT and he does a good job. It is basically an advanced probability class with real analysis mixed in. Other good classes are stat 149 and stat 186 if you can fit them in your schedule
  15. Grad students can take math 112. Math 112 is the basic upper division real analysis class(Rudin or some variation of it). Math 114 is the standard graduate level analysis(Royden) at most schools.

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