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  1. Gauss2017

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Stanfords decision to rely heavily on a subject matter GRE has resulted in almost no women in their PhD program. I dont think they have ever had an URM in their program. IMO that is very wrong and possibly illegal.
  2. Gauss2017

    Choosing a School

    Many computer science professors hold joint positions in statistics departments. Machine learning is part statistics part CS. Lets not forget optimization which is utilized in both fields. I would also hope that there are no circumstances where you make fun of perspective students
  3. Gauss2017

    Choosing a School

    Why not? They may or may not respond. You really have nothing to lose. I might wait until you got admitted so you don’t waste your time. It is very important to visit departments that admit you.
  4. I agree generally with what Stat now has to say. Sometimes the analysis of the right fit needs to go a little deeper. Michael Jordan is incredibly brilliant and has lots of students. He is also very busy. It is therefore difficult to get facetime with him if he is your advisor. Sometimes it is better to take an advisor who can spend more time with you.
  5. Gauss2017

    Bayesian vs Classical Statistics

    Those were two really great answers from Statnow and Bayssays. I believe Stanford is considered mostly a frequentist school. So you may want to look at how they approach things for comparison sake
  6. Gauss2017

    Bayesian vs Classical Statistics

    I think a lot of ML and AI is frequentist based but the wave of the future is to use causal inference in ML and AI
  7. It does matter where you go to school. See the attached study of paysa data. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/296110
  8. Usually salaries are well defined. UIUC is also a great school. However there is institutional bias in the hiring process.
  9. Gauss2017

    Prestige vs. Fit

    I think some of the posters may be able to give much better advice if you wouldn’t mind sharing some more specifics about your qualifications.
  10. Gauss2017

    Prestige vs. Fit

    Those were two excellent posts by cyberwulf and stat now. Faculty at prestigious institutions may be under a lot of pressure to publish for reasons other than tenure. It could be because of ego, salary bumps in the future or for getting. consulting gigs in the future. Also top professors may travel a lot or simply have a lot of commitments. I would generally say going with the prestigious institution is a good move but there are always exceptions .
  11. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    Speowi I see you downvoted my post where I suggested that posters should be polite. That says a lot. It is always better to politely address your concerns.
  12. Gauss2017

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    No everybody who presents a contrary opinion to you is not a troll. Yes i do support the advocacy of the disabled , women in stem and URMs. ien hasn’t posted a lot and may not know all the rules of etiquette in posting. Rather than criticize them a better approach would have been to politely express your concerns
  13. I am not a troll so please dont attempt to use that to discredit a law you dont like. The ADA is actually fact intensive and each case depends on the facts . Insert have you worked on disability cases and have knowledge of the extent and reach of the law? I have worked with students with disabilities.
  14. You are really talking about something you clearly know nothing about. You are the one polluting this thread. Stop calling names and using bullying tactics. The OP stated they were ill at the time of the bad grade. That can be a qualifying disability that requires an academic adjustment. I have actually helped students with disabilities under the ADA. Have you. If you are associated with an academic institution you would be wise to go to your disability office and learn about the ADA. It is the law whether you think it is fair or not
  15. Basesays you are just wrong. You are giving bad advice. I suggest you take the time to read the ADA . The ADA protects people with illnesses such as the duckster. Schools are required as a matter of law to make academic adjustments for demonstrated illnesses. The academic adjustment is what would take some time to properly craft for the duckster. If the bad grade is as a result of the disability you can request that it be overlooked. It is really serious violation to not consider the ADA in the appropriate cases The cite is 29 USCS 794 et seq. "No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States . . . shall, solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance . . . . "

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