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  1. ^ THIS! Stanford's CEE Visit Day is in exactly ONE WEEK. I'm assuming at this point I didn't get accepted in to the Structural M.S. program (oh well, I'm already committed to Berkeley anyways!). I'm guessing I didn't make some sort of cut during the process as my GRE Verbal score was pretty low, and I had no prior faculty contact. Other than that, I fekt though my application was a shoe-in after being accepted to every other school. STILL - it would be nice to know if I got in or not... On a side note....who else is an incoming M.S./Ph.D. in the Berkeley CEE Department?
  2. Has ANYBODY here heard back from Stanford who applied during the 2nd deadline (January/without aid)?
  3. Got into Berkeley on 2/28! Still haven’t heard back from Stanford
  4. Going for the comp. exam - I wasn't really close with the professor that was this year's admissions officer, but I did get an A- in his class... if I went for a thesis, it would be with one of the Berkeley professors that wrote my LOR. Also, sad fact...one of the professors I admired the most just passed away last month. Some of my friends did their research/thesis with him (Stephen Mahin - rest in peace, you will be missed ) I really looked forward to learning so much from him. He was basically the "papa of structural engineering" If I end up changing my mind and going for the thesi
  5. I'm pretty sure Berkeley faculty likes to keep their undergrads with 3.7+ and great extracurriculars. I was on steel bridge, and we won nationals 2 years in a row. Nearly everyone I knew on those teams did SEMM at Berkeley. From what I remember, 3.5/3.6 was the cutoff at times, and other years it was much stricter. I also recall that it really depends on the admissions officer, which changes every year. This year it was an old professor of mine
  6. Thanks! Did my undergrad there and the admissions officer was one of my past professors. Got a sweet financial package ($23k) and a GSI position in the Spring!
  7. For Stanford and Berkeley - what program/ms or PhD? And for Stanford, by the first or second deadline?
  8. MS Structural Engineering applicant here - previously a Berkeley undergrad with 3.75 overall gpa, 3.80 upper div gpa. BLACK = Haven’t heard back from yet. Applied to Berkeley, Stanford, USC, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Davis GREEN = ADMITTED
  9. I applied on the last day (Jan 9), but that’s because I spent a bit of time every day working on 6 applications while traveling back and forth and having 2 full time jobs.
  10. To those who were accepted or rejected for the Stanford Structural M.S. program, did you receive an email to check the portal? My application is currently at "complete", with nothing else available in the applyweb portal. - Did you apply before/on the "with aid" December deadline, or the "without aid" January deadline? - Was there a message in the portal? Please advise!
  11. Could you share your undergrad school /gpa/gre scores? Trying to get a few for the pool
  12. Program: Structural Engineering M.S. Fall 2018 Schools: Berkeley, Stanford, USC, UCLA, UCSD, UC Davis I've already been accepted to all the ones in green - haven't heard back yet from Berkeley or Stanford. ...but I'd REALLY like to go back to Berkeley (went there for CEE undergrad).
  13. Hi all - Since it looks like at least two people already got in from the priority “with aid” deadline, I’m making this topic to discuss the program, upcoming visit day in March, and anything else regarding admission decisions for Stanford. From what I hear, the bulk of admissions should roll out during/after this weekend. Also https://axess.sahr.stanford.edu/ is undergoing maintenance this weekend, which might be a coincidence?
  14. Berkeley has a dual masters Structural Engineering/Architecture program. That takes about 2 years. I believe all the CEE MS programs are one year by themselves, though.
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