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  1. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    It was the only school I applied for; due to family issues I’m living in Iowa for the foreseeable future.
  2. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    Got waitlisted at Iowa for rhetoric, went to the visit back in February, two rhetoric admittances turned down their offers of admission and they yesterday I got an email I was rejected— I don’t get why they didn’t just send it after the visit, I’ve been putting off looking for a job-job until I knew and that’s two whole months where they knew they were going to reject me but didn’t. Not a good experience, especially because I had to email to get a response and everyone kept insisting being waitlisted didn’t mean I was still interviewing. Can’t help but feel really embarrassed and also pretty angry about the whole thing. The visit wasn’t great— I could tell most of the faculty didn’t want me there and I already have pretty bad social anxiety— but dang.
  3. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    NC State is DOPE. If I could live in that part of the country, I would have loved to apply. Some super neat faculty there.
  4. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    it was way intimidating. the faculty are so dope that i became a rambling mess. @mintless hooray!
  5. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    i was waitlisted for rhetoric! i completely imploded on my interview but it’s the only program i can really go to bc my family is nearby and has a lot of care needs. but i decided not to bully anyone for a spot...?
  6. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    anyone else going to university of iowa’s visit next week?
  7. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    Hey @mintless my husband got off the waitlist as Iowa and honestly he forgets he was waitlisted all the time-- at the visit, he was treated like he was admitted and since attending the program he's had zero issues related to funding or opportunities or treatment from faculty/cohort! i know how you feel, though. it's definitely demoralizing to know you aren't one of the first choices, and it's hard to feel valued as an applicant and potential incoming student-- but usually, it's more to do with funding than anything. sending you lots of good hopeful thoughts <3
  8. pato

    Comm Programs

    Can you give us a bit more information, like for what areas of communication research? Those are all phenomenal programs.
  9. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    anyone else a complete rambling mess incapable of synthesizing your thoughts in interviews? just me? heck.
  10. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    Hey @mintless! I'm not sure about the schedule for each track, but I do know media gave out their initial round of decisions later than rhetoric last year. I really love Minnesota and was heartbroken when I came to the realization that it just wasn't a viable long term possibility for me anymore. The faculty are incredible. The chair is one of the most hard working, supportive, empathetic people I've met and really bends over backwards for students. I enjoyed all of the media faculty that I got to spend time with-- took a class with one of them and his feedback was encouraging and supportive and he really *got* what I was trying to do and knew how to direct me. I did professional/pedagogical development with another and (you can probably guess who as she must be everyone's academic crush) she was BRILLIANT. I could listen to her talk ALL DAY. One of their new rhetoric hires bleeds into media and I was excited to work with him. The campus is lovely, the Twin Cities are AWESOME, and the actual space for grad students is dope-- big offices, lots of space, an entire study/hang out lounge just for grad students and if we mobilize and say we want something, the department does its best to deliver. Also, in terms of interdisciplinary offerings on campus, there's a lot of great classes to choose from. I'm overflowing with good things to say about the department, so I hope it goes well for you. If you want to talk about details, please feel free to shoot me a private message.
  11. pato

    2018 Applications Thread

    hey folks. just wanted to pop in and say that based on my experience, minnesota sends out acceptances in a kind of staggered rate through the entire process. i received my acceptance around jan 21st last year, my partner received his rejection a week later, my other friend received her acceptance like a month after my partner was rejected. each track meets separately so that can really influence it, too. could not follow the rhyme or reason behind decision notices so i hope that helps alleviate some anxiety. rhetoric faculty have also had a crazy busy december/winter break with an intense faculty search. due to a family emergency i'm taking a LOA from minnesota and applying to transfer to iowa, which is closer to my family. i received an email this morning from iowa's rhetoric & public culture faculty for an interview. my partner, who was interviewed (in media) and then waitlisted and is now attending the program, received an email about being interviewed in mid february if i remember correctly. either they do rounds of notices, or they're really on the ball this year. good luck y'all!

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