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  1. I received the waitlist decision February 15th. You should definitely send an email and ask. Its strange because I haven't seen anyone post any positive news from this track. I wonder if they ended up waitlisting or rejecting everyone!
  2. Has anyone been accepted into the Health Systems Track at Hopkins? I have been waitlisted and Im really hoping someone will turn down their offer of admission. Any one planning to do that?
  3. Congratulations! Were you initially waitlisted? What track did you apply to?
  4. During my interview, they said I can expect to hear back by mid-March. I have no idea why I am now being told late April. Maybe I was placed on some kind of waitlist, but why wouldn't they inform me?
  5. Just heard back from NYU. was informed that the committee was reviewing my application and would get back to me late April!! When I asked if that was a typo and they meant March, I was informed that it was in fact April!! Isnt the deadline for all schools April 15th?
  6. Does anyone know anything about NYU's timeline? I interviewed last week and was told I will hear back "soon".
  7. So for those who still havent heard from Harvard PHS, does that mean they are not accepted since all acceptances went out?
  8. Yes, I applied to the health systems track. I hope you are right in that every track has its own timeline! Otherwise the fact that I havent heard back is a bad sign! If you don't mind me asking, which track did you apply to?
  9. I saw from the survey results that someone got an acceptance from JHU International Health PhD program. Are decisions made this early on?!
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