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  1. Just a general note for future readers: After talking with my mentor at UNC Epidemiology we were able to secure a full funding package for the first year. This was what I was led to expect from current students at UNC. Once you accept, the faculty work with you to get a full package together. It's piece-meal and you'll have to figure it out every year, but it does seem like they're able to figure it all out.
  2. It's true that it's much harder to get into a PhD program without a master's degree - but if you have a good story and research plan it's definitely possible. As @boisdejasmin pointed out - you'll have to apply to a specific set of schools. Smaller schools or schools that have a program that combines a masters and PhD (like UNC) are probably your best bet. There are people that get into programs like Hopkins with no Masters - but they typically are coming in from years of work from a cross-cutting field (or have another doctorate). With your experience you might also consider a DrPH (but only if you want to go into practice).
  3. For those going to UNC's accepted student's day tomorrow: have fun! I won't be able to make it - so if anyone learns anything noteworthy feel free to share
  4. Looking through the Fall PhD threads for the past two years, it seems like "things will work out" is a theme with UNC. UNC is my top choice so after I get a chance to visit and talk to some students I'll probably go ahead and accept and hope that the funding works out. I'll update the thread on how that goes for future forum viewers.
  5. I would focus on research fit or some other aspects that make the school a "safety." Your academic field might feel very small on the other side of the PhD, you might even want to apply for a job at the safety school, so it's in your best interest to provide cordial, useful feedback.
  6. Still no word on funding from UNC. I'm pretty sure I'm going to accept their offer, but I don't want to commit without some idea how of financials will work out. Anyone else in the same point boat? I sent in information for the T32 (due March 1) but no word on when decisions might be made.
  7. From my experience there's an online form to fill out after you are admitted. A faculty member told me I was recommended for a T32 slot and just had to fill out the form. Not sure when/how we'll be notified.
  8. Emailed to check Harvard application status. Rejected. That's it for me this cycle - but I'm really happy and excited for my UNC epi acceptance
  9. Has anyone at UNC received anything official regarding funding? I know internal T32 applications are due March 1. Does anyone have a sense of when they might notify people who they're giving T32 slots to or other packages?
  10. Some boat here - no word from Harvard Epi. Logged into the GSAS application and status is still "submitted" le gasp x2. Fridays in February have to be the least productive of the year.
  11. We'll probably find out on Friday. I feel like I'm in the same boat as you. They might feel that rejections come better on a Friday but don't account for all of us that check this forum daily and know that acceptances already came out... I'm not sure if it's your first cycle or not but I would say don't be too discouraged. I've talked to many PhD students at top programs in their final years feel like they couldn't make the cut for admission today. Lots of schools just don't have the funding to support PhD students today - especially in public health. Plus, some portion of PhD students are taking longer - and their continued need for funding definitely shrinks the size of future classes. I also went to a top school for my masters and then had a couple years of work experience. I feel like I have a lot more publications than the average applicant and pretty strong GRE scores (especially when looking at the percentiles). Yet, I was rejected by programs where I knew faculty were interested and engaged with my research interests. This is my second cycle and I will be walking away with one acceptance with a program I really excited about. I spend the time between my last application and this one building up a better CV but also networking. If you feel that you're a strong applicant then my biggest recommendation (if you want to apply again) is start talking to faculty members in your field of interest sooner rather than later. If you're doing research right now and there's a project where you can start pulling in co-authors from other institutions then do it. Make sure people know that you'll be applying again and make sure you have advocates so that when your application heads to committee you are a known entity. And then expect to still not get multiple offers. That's just where we are today in this race for a few precious funded spots.
  12. Not sure how may people they will ultimately give offers to (i.e. off the waitlist) but I think around 15-16 offers have been made.
  13. Apparently they plan to fill 14 spots at JHU-Epi. Not sure how they'll be distributed by track (it changes year to year).
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