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  1. I just took Micro and Macro econ at University of Ottawa this year, and each half year course cost me about $800-900. So $1600 for the full year course seems about right. Still so expensive though.
  2. I was just accepted to NPSIA two days ago, on April 17th. I had completely written the possibility off, so it came as a surprise. I think the strike delayed things a lot more than expected. Don't lose hope!
  3. I think I read somewhere that you need to achieve a B1 level of proficiency, which is intermediate level but certainly not completely fluent. This is specifically for German since that is what language I am interested in taking, but I think it would be similar for other languages.
  4. That's great. Thanks for sharing that! My status just changed to Recommended for Assessment as well. Seems like the process is working a bit smoother than last year's.
  5. Hey everyone, This thread, and the 2017 one have been super helpful to me so far in preparing the NPSIA application. Now the waiting game begins. I graduated from Queen's in 2013 with a CGPA 3.6/4.3. Since then I spent 2 years in China on a fellowship, implementing my own grassroots development program & learning Mandarin. I spent time in Germany to learn German and help my German husband immigrate to Canada, and currently I work at a small NGO in Ottawa that builds schools in Nicaragua. As I've been out of school for a few years, I'm hoping that my work experiences might help my application. Ottawa's a great city, so I'd like to stay!

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