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  1. Hey, Ranny, your feeling isn’t wrong. I have a friend who interviewed them and she was also told the same thing. It’s possible they have wait lists by area of expertise but one can’t know for sure.
  2. Oh no! Is that what they said to you? Because at my interview last Tuesday they said their meeting would be in 7-10 days, so the 10th day is tomorrow. Apparently the week before they told at least one interviewer that they would get back to them in two weeks. Here’s hoping this all just ends tomorrow. I’m probably going to email them if they don’t get back to us by then.
  3. Yeah, same. I really hope they let us know by tomorrow. I’m a bit on edge.
  4. Has anyone heard from Penn, or have a more recent idea of when they’re going to get back to us by?
  5. Amazing. Congratulations! I'm getting antsy waiting on Penn in the meanwhile, as is like 40% of this thread!
  6. RainDays is right about their departmental reputation in that respect. Concordia's English department is alright, though they are much more known for Creative Writing rather than English studies itself. This having been said, it is precisely the creative writing faculty that are at the centre of the sexual misconduct cases, so bear that in mind too!
  7. The program is pretty good, I think, but I think what matters in grad school is less the program and the specific people you work with. If you can find two to three professors you gel well with, then you will thrive and have a great time. And yeah, I'm sure McGill's a lot better in terms of course variety than many other schools, but I do find myself being from that segment of the grad population that complains about the course selection/availability nonetheless! And I like the program quite a lot, but I've also been here five years and was able to really embed myself into the department right at the start of the program, which helps. This having been said— and this is not a biased statement— but McGill's graduate program is generally better for students by virtue of the fact that it is MUCH smaller than UofT's. I've heard really bad things about their graduate program and about supervisors not having time for PhD students, let alone MAs. This is something to know before you go there. A friend of mine did her MA at McGill, and went to UofT for her PhD. She was back at McGill for her PhD a year later after being frustrated with the program at UofT.
  8. Good good. Are you a super cultural studies person/type? Do you like to think about the intersections between making art and producing scholarship? If so, chances are you'll like them. Both are quite popular professors in the department, though I find Alanna Thain's work/class format in particular to be on the more unorthodox of things in academia. Haven't taken classes with either since I'm a different subfield, but I have been here for both my undergraduate and masters degrees, so you can trust what I'm saying.
  9. Btw, I'm a grad student finishing up in the department of English at McGill. If you have questions, feel free to ask me. (more about the program/people rather than the admissions thing itself. I don't have much info on that).
  10. I basically was asked: 1. How my writing sample links to what I want to do for the doctorate. 2. An esoteric question pertaining to a book in my field, and how what I said in (1) relates to it. 3. Why I hadn't used the word postcolonial despite talking about postcolonial things for basically 8 minutes. 4. How I would teach a course on World Literature to undergrads. 5. What is the first thing I want to do upon entering grad school, and what is the first thing I should do. These were basically the five or so larger questions we talked about. Don't remember if there was anything else particularly notable, except for questions pertaining to my knowledge of the languages I want to work in. What about you guys?
  11. Waiting on Penn, post interview, as are numerous others on this thread (I count four at least?). Excited and anxious to see what this week holds!
  12. Wow! Those are hard questions, actually. I hope they went well! I got simpler ones: they asked how my writing sample fit into my doctoral project, for example, and how I would teach a course on World Literature if given the opportunity. Also, I work on South Asia but my personal statement was very much foregrounding a comparatist approach, so I think that's why I didn't get that Area Studies vs. Comp' Lit' question we often get. In any case, good luck, and here's hoping for the best!
  13. I think it’s a combination of how all the obsessed nuts like us (who would likely be be stronger candidates on average) tend to be here, and what I think is them interviewing about 15-20 for what would be 6-8 seats at most. Anyway, here’s hoping! Also, shaarawi, since everyone on here has had their interview (at least from my calculations), would you mind sharing what you were referring to as curve balls? It’s fine if you’d rather not, but I think it’s worth a shot to ask!