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  1. Massive Harvard Email Outage

    This post is why I got rejected from Yale
  2. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Can I ask which wait-list? I've been incredibly lucky to have multiple offers, and I think a few other people here have been too, so there might be some forthcoming movement .
  3. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    On the waitlist at Princeton, via a kind but formal email from the grad school dean just now.
  4. Wasn't me--I posted my Harvard acceptance in comp lit on the board when it happened (a few weeks ago). There's at least one other person here who was accepted for comp lit around the same time as well, but I know nothing about their English PhDs.
  5. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Yale rejection via an email to check status. Looks like a big wave of them on the results board.
  6. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    I got an offer at Northwestern too, and the campus visit is March 8th-11th. No clue if they're still giving out offers or finalizing a waitlist, though.
  7. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    I applied to Princeton and haven't heard anything yet. Their site says that they'll notify by mid February so it should be any day now
  8. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    This is really interesting because I had some overlap but also a few questions that were entirely different--it started with "Why UPenn?", for example. I wasn't my most articulate but I think it went well. Good luck to y'all too!
  9. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Just finished my UPenn interview (which I think went well enough). They said decisions would be coming in "the next week or two."
  10. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Did you mention them in your SOP? One thing that's weird for me is that neither of the people I'm interviewing with are POI for me (even though they both sound rad). Mine's tomorrow morning at six am my time....
  11. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Yeah, that's who I'm interviewing with. I wonder how large their cohort is...
  12. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Thank you! I have an interview tomorrow (I think at the same program?) and this helps a lot! I had no idea what to expect.
  13. Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Thanks! It was a kind but formal email from Verena Conley, just a few details about funding, nothing really specific about my file (tho she said more info was forthcoming). I noticed a few other Harvard posts on the results page as well, so not sure if this was a big wave or not. I did name her in my app so perhaps they're notifying by field. Sorry I don't have more details!