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  1. Here is a Facebook group for anyone attending Gallaudet University for a MS in Speech Language Pathology--Class of 2020. https://www.facebook.com/groups/161808857838089/
  2. For me, the key reason I'm leaning toward Gallaudet is because of the ASL and Deaf culture component. There is no other school quite like Gallaudet in this respect. Additionally, it's relatively affordable compared to other out-of-state schools for me. I am going to visit in a couple of weeks and can keep you posted on what I find out!
  3. Same! I think it just basically means we're in a waiting period now.
  4. Hey! I also applied to Gallaudet for 2018, I believe this is the website you check: https://gallaudet.hobsonsradius.com/ssc/aform/MfzB02fKx670x67c0R3F.ssc This tells you if your recommenders have submitted, what transcripts and scores received, etc. Hope this helps!
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