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  1. It was a pretty quick and informal interview with one of the members of the admissions committee. He asked why I wanted to pursue a PhD, a question specific to my SoP, what challenges I foresee encountering in graduate school, and to talk about my favorite research project. I asked about academic development opportunities, the colloquia, and department culture. Hope that's helpful!! No offers of admission during the interview, but I got an email today that the department has recommended me for admission and I'll be getting notified by the grad school soon!!
  2. Thank you! And ahh, I'm sorry! I think it's totally possible they don't interview everyone they end up admitting, or that they do multiple rounds of interviews.
  3. I got an email today about a phone interview with UW-Madison. I think it went out to the comparative politics group so they may be sending out emails for the other subfields later on!

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