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  1. No advice but I'm in the same boat as you! Let's sink together
  2. We're told to get into detail with our proposed research design. Do we need to include the full title of our questionnaire in the proposal (e.g., when we are listing pre-test measurement questionnaires)? Presumably, faculty of the institutions will see our proposal, (for CGS-M) so they will be familiar with the literature, and know what we're talking about. Would just an abbreviation be appropriate?
  3. Good point, but BDI was just an example. I would only mention test administration for tests requiring a test user and test taker. By the way, I'm looking at research programs (not PsyD).
  4. What are your thoughts on writing about specific questionnaires in your personal statement (e.g., Beck Depression Inventory)? How about familiarity with experimental paradigms? Should one just say "gained experience administering depression questionnaires"? or "gained experience administering BDI"? Is the discernment based on whether the questionnaire is relevant to the POI's area of research? Should I talk about sub-scales, interpretation, etc.? Mitch's guide says to go in-depth, but not sure if I'm applying the principle correctly.
  5. Lots of clinical psychology programs are saying "average GPA". Does this mean cumulative (over 4 years)? Or can this also mean last 2 years? Does "average GPA" vary by school?
  6. Thanks for the information guys. Does anyone else with experience or knowledge want to chime in? Sorry for bump!
  7. Hi everyone, I have a quick question about funding. Here in Canada, you get funding either through 1) funding by simply admission / supervisor grant, 2) as a TA for the school, and 3) write a proposal for a grant for CGS-M, Vanier, etc. Here in Canada, PhD applicants are expected to apply for grant funding along with their application. You aren't competitive without an application. I've heard American PhD are fully funded. Because of this difference, do applications for US schools still expect students to apply for grants to be competitive? If so, what are the major grant organizations for clinical psychology-related funding? In Canada, it is centralized, so we really just write one application and that's it. Are there multiple for US schools?
  8. Anyone here from UOFT (Clinical and counselling) or UBC-V?
  9. if you've been unofficially accepted, does acorn show you enrolled in a program by any chance?
  10. Hey! Anyone else waiting to get interviewed for the MA program at OISE or have they been interviewed already? When did you get interviewed?
  11. Hey, how did you know you got rejected at UBC? Email/letter/call? Were you invited to the first round of interviews? Anyone got an update on UofT's Clinical & Counselling or UBC Vancouver Clinical Psychology program?
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