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  1. I was told the exact same thing. However, they sent me a link to the additional scholarship request form.
  2. Same. The more i read and hear about Fletcher, the more i am getting convinced that its a good fit for me. Let me know how that funding negotiation goes? i am going to try my luck and send an email about today.
  3. WWS out too. Rejected. I guess I am going to Fletcher then. Congratulations everyone!
  4. Got my email from HKS. Rejected.
  5. It should be out in a few hours now anyways. Wait it out.
  6. On point!
  7. Haven't received an email from either.
  8. Is anyone here accepting the admission offer?
  9. IHEID - they said its a technical glitch and immediately after that i got my rejection. Heart breaking.
  10. Yea. Got mine now too. We have HKS and WWS. Fingers crossed!
  11. False alarm - college confirmed that there is a technical glitch.
  12. This wait is just impossible to get through now!
  13. Congratulations!
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