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  1. This feels crazy early. I wonder if semesters starting later is giving profs more time to do admissions stuff now?
  2. I applied to NYU ISAW but haven't heard anything back yet. It's still pretty early and the SCS/AIA is this week so I'm sure that's biting into many professors' time.
  3. I had one interview that turned into a waitlist that never panned out and one acceptance without interview last time I went through this process. At both interviews I was asked about my interests, experiences, writing sample, and plans for future study. I'd be ready to talk about what that school has to offer you specifically, and whatever it is you're interested in and how you might continue working on it- though what you say doesn't lock you in to what you'd be able to do as a student there. Also have questions ready to ask the faculty members who will be present (they'll probably tell you w
  4. Hi everyone! had an interview with UC Berkeley's AHMA program today. I was really shocked to have anything happen so early (I got the email on Friday), I was expecting another week before the check-your-email-every-hour panic set in. But here it comes anyway so figured I'd share just in case others are also waiting.
  5. Accepted Bryn Mawr's offer today.
  6. Congratulations!!!!! (And thank you for posting it!) Edit** I just turned down the University of Georgia's MA and TAship so I hope that helps someone else as well!
  7. Anyone?? I’m still waiting but if everyone else is too then we’re going right up to April 15th, I’m sure ?
  8. Hey guys, I thought I might start a thread (as it’s been done in previous years)so tha as decisions are made we can let everyone know who we may be turning down and who we’re accepting. This way waitlisted people might get a heads up, and we can congratulate each other! Edit: I’m still waiting on funding info to make a decision and I’m sure others are too, but as they come up I thought it’d be nice to have a place to put them.
  9. Has anyone heard from University of Georgia's MA program?
  10. Hello friends, I've been stalking the results page for a while but I am more active on the gradadmissions reddit, but I decided to join in this convo now that I've found it! Congrats to everyone who has acceptances so far! I am 1a/1w/2r/1p myself. I know most people are waiting on more decisions/visits but do people generally post where they're going once they've decided? hang in there!!
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