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  1. I was admitted to JHU HPM Quality/Safety. I’m really excited because that is where I focus a lot of my work now and I also teach quality improvement to clinicians at an academic medical center. @TopofthemuffinTOYOU I’ve seen you post about your research and it seems very interesting. I’m looking forward to meeting and learning with you in the coming years! Rachel
  2. I am in too! What a wild ride! I’m a reapplicant and have spent this past year improving my application. Final: Johns Hopkins- Accepted! University at Albany- Accepted Harvard- waitlist USF- waitlist UNC- rejected Good luck to everyone!
  3. Great question! I work and teach at a large academic medical center and I’m interested in improving the systems in our hospitals to increase patient safety while improving outcomes. I have been involved in developing protocols and they have greatly impacted patient care. I am a Veteran and have a special interest in Veteran’s health and policies at the VA.
  4. I applied to Johns Hopkins HPM quality improvement track, USF, UIC, UNC, Harvard and University at Albany. Good luck everyone!
  5. @dubiousraves I took mine in 2017 after a long break and bombed quantative and then retook then this year and improved the score. I went to one of the online application forums for Johns Hopkins DrPH and they said for GREs they like everything to be around the 50th percentile but there is no cut off’s. Harvard said they like each section to be around 60th percentile in their online forum and it sounded like a cut off but I’m not sure. If only they had a stats only quant section for us!
  6. GraddCaffe Thank you so much for sharing! I have my masters in physician assistant studies with a 3.75 GPA and am a practicing PA with 5 years clinical experience. I’m also a veteran and was a nurse in the Army. I’m currently in charge of many quality improvement projects at the large academic institution where I practice. I didn’t do so great when I retook my GREs this year so I wonder if that’s what did it or if they really are looking for an MPH. Thank you so much!
  7. Unfortunately I just received my rejection from JHU. I was also rejected from UNC and am waiting on UIC. I’m very disappointed and am going to spend the next year strengthening my resume. Can those that got into JHU HPM share their stats? Maybe that will give me a better idea of what they are looking for. Thank you!
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