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  1. Good news!! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156348658619793&id=20008034792
  2. I’ll be joining you at lakehead via distance! I haven’t seen a Facebook page yet but hopefully one is made soon. I’m anxious to register for classes! Have either of you received emails yet about classes?
  3. Haha that’s so funny, I did the same thing! Except I don’t have elective because I decided to do a thesis instead! Judging by last years forum, I think course registration is in June but I definitely could be wrong
  4. Awesome!! I’m doing mine by distance as well! I’m anxious to register for courses already haha
  5. Thank you! I applied to the Northern health stream and I did accept!
  6. They have sent out some admissions offers already. I received an acceptance about a month ago and had until April 9 to accept
  7. My application was complete. I graduated from my undergrad April 2017!
  8. I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but I applied to the thesis stream. I'm not sure how many people they accept either!
  9. Hi, I was accepted to this program and had until April 9th to accept so I don't think they'd send out a second wave of acceptances until after that ?
  10. For those who applied to Memorial, I wouldn't expect an answer until June. Pretty much all of their admission decisions come out in June for their professional degrees, like MPH, pharmacy, nursing etc.
  11. If anyone applied to UOttawa MSc in Epi, results are out. I was just rejected, so I will be accepting Lakehead's offer!
  12. Just got accepted to Lakehead (Indigenous and North Health)! Heard today at 6 pm
  13. Ya I called last year when i was on the waitlist and i think i was #3 but when i called there were only 2 spots left and they were just waiting to hear if those last couple people were accepting/rejecting. So close... haha I called late though, like end of April I'm pretty sure, so everything was pretty much decided at that point
  14. Hi, when did you hear back from Brock? Mine still says under review. I was waitlisted last year and they have (if i remember correctly) 25 people in the program and did keep 10 on the waitlist!
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