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  1. PolicyPol

    MPAff/MGPS LBJ Fall (2018)

    What did you decide on? I committed to LBJ and am very excited! I actually enjoyed my visit a lot
  2. I'm finishing my undergrad in a small school in the US and majored in humanities and Econ. I'm broadly interested in social policy and have a couple of publications in urban policy, but idk what I really want to focus on. Ultimately, I would like to get a PhD in policy or sociology and do research (I think...). But I may work a couple of years after the masters. Thus, international reputation and research opportunities are important, but funding too.
  3. Hello, like many of you, I'm freaking out about my decisions. I'm coming from undergrad, and am under financial stress. I'm also an intl student, and want to work on a PhD later on in sociology/policy regarding poverty. Here are my options: -LBJ MPP (full funding) -Harris MPP (0, but negotiating) -Evans MPA (60%) -American U SPA MPP (60%) -McCourt MPP (40%) Please help!!!
  4. PolicyPol

    Harris 2018

    I got nothing from Harris...what's the maximum I can ask for w/o being unrealistic? If I don't get a decent amount that would enable me to attend), I will probably go to LBJ which I heard great things of and got a full ride.
  5. PolicyPol

    MPAff/MGPS LBJ Fall (2018)

    I loved Harris when I attended admitted student day, and I'll visit LBJ...So yeah. It's between Harris w/ no money and LBJ with a full ride........
  6. PolicyPol

    Which MPP programs have the best funding?

    also, since you decided to go to Harris, would you recommend taking on a lot of debt for it? Harris paying 10K/year v. LBJ full ride???
  7. PolicyPol

    Which MPP programs have the best funding?

    Definitely negotiate with all of the schools. I've successfully done so with LBJ; Evans and McCourt are still reviewing. Harris has a formally established reconsideration process but I'm not sure what the rate of success is. I will probably go to LBJ if I don't get money from other places. Plus, it can't hurt to live for free for 2 years and get a Masters at the #11th best program, right? Are any of you going to admitted weekend at LBJ? Would love to talk to other ppl who also got into Harris, Evans, etc. and who are having similar dilemmas
  8. PolicyPol

    MPAff/MGPS LBJ Fall (2018)

    Thank you! I got a very generous scholarship so I'm planning on visiting April 6. Unless I get more money from Harris or McCourt, I will probably go to LBJ. My only worry is the low rate of international students and if it is known in other countries. Besides that, I am really excited
  9. PolicyPol

    Which MPP programs have the best funding?

    I dont know, my guess is that they didnt have restrictions for the personal statement so I was able to talk about publications and other stuff that I missed on my other statements. Is LBJ well-known outside of Texas? Would you recommend going there?
  10. PolicyPol

    Which MPP programs have the best funding?

    Currently deciding on where to go...my final options are: 1) Evans with a generous fellowship (50-60%) 2) Harris with no funding 3) LBJ with almost 100% funding 4) McCourt with 15K/year 5) Univ Illinois Chicago with full tuition + 10K/semester stipend I'm an international student so international rep is important...but I obviously don't want to ruin myself economically If anyone has insights, that would be super helpful!
  11. PolicyPol

    McCourt 2018

    How is McCourt regarding aid negotiation for the MPP? I only got 15K/year there but got full tuition at LBJ, so I would probably go to LBJ if I don't get more
  12. PolicyPol

    MPAff/MGPS LBJ Fall (2018)

    Can someone explain to me the Fellowship? it says that I should reply before March 15th (which I will probably not do), and the letter puts a sum awarded in the in-state tuition and in the non in-state tuition sections for each semester...is that money that I am receiving that covers tuition?

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