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  1. Yeah, I know about the ranking, but the thing is some people keep telling me that because your major is CS, California have a lot more opportunities for jobs and internship. Unfortunately, I have no chance of visiting the schools, but I've talked to one of the students in UChicago and she seemed pretty happy working in the lab. But not much info, and I think the students' words might be biased. I'll search for the alumni as you've suggest, thank you very much
  2. First of all, you should have some good recommendations. It is an important factor in an application. I think you should apply for the universities 20 to 40 in cs rankings. All the UC schools (UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, even UCLA) could be ambitious and moderate, and the state universities in all states would be your safety schools. There are a lot of schools in the US and just start with the top universities that you like to go. Start emailing the professors you like to work with, the answers you get are a pretty good guide. Wish you luck
  3. I've received my uchicago admission about a month ago. The advisor assigned to me is a high-rank professor and I've discussed the type of research we're going to do. The funding is really good, and they also support the cost of my travel to Chicago. My UC Riverside admission came about a week ago. A professor has been assigned to me (I don't have much info about him, though the h-index is much less). The funding is just enough to survive, and that's it! Yet, I know that UC Riverside is a U of C, and has it's own benefits. And the University of Chicago is in top 10 schools in the worl
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