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    OGS (2020-2021)

    I've heard of people doing that and think it's allowed (at least if they didn't fund your prior proposal), but personally don't see a benefit. If you didn't get OGS last year, maybe your proposal could use some rework for it to stand out. If you did get funded, how will you convince them to fund you again if you propose that they fund you for the exact same idea?
  2. It seems like it depends. I was paid via the school payroll and did not receive any direct deposits from NSERC.
  3. I didn't even get that direct deposit confirmation.
  4. Yeah I agree with this. My publications haven't changed much in the last year (went from 1 submitted to 1 submitted and 1 accepted), but I worked hard on my research proposal and it was something I was wanting to do anyways. I had it read by a few more people and made sure it made sense to people outside of my field. I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but it was all I could do to improve my research score. My academic score was low last year, but it shouldn't have changed much this year either - A's to A+'s in the last two years, and no scholarships. My leadership experien
  5. It looks like the percentages of applicants vs awarded are pretty comparable for each category, based on this data. Not registered at a foreign institution: 38% awarded PGS D or CGS D Registered at a foreign institution: 46% Registered at a Canadian institution: 41% Also even though more applicants are awarded PGS D or CGS D from U of T, they have a higher quota and the percentage awarded is still around the average percent for Canadian institutions (42% awarded at U of T).
  6. Yes, and it should be in the mailed notice
  7. Wow, that's harsh . At least last year, I received a decision of rejection at the same time as most people received a decision of acceptance. NSERC really dropped the ball on this one. The least they could do is tell people as soon as they are releasing decisions.
  8. The ranking is received by mail, and when depends on how quick your mail is... Last year, I got mine in the mail around mid to late April.
  9. Jeez. I hadn't applied because of a lack of publications and scholarships, and it's good to know how competitive that is. 12 publications, 8 first author, is an amazing achievement so early in your career. You should be proud anyways!
  10. They also send results to the institutions, but apparently at least my department didn't get those results yet, even if I got my result. Hopefully everything will be out in the next couple of days. I don't recall it taking much longer last year. It seems like they are slower on a larger volume of responses this year though.
  11. They send an auto reply, no matter who sends them an email. It just says that results were mailed out on March 29th, like the earlier poster said. I emailed them about accepting the scholarship and got the same reply. It may be a while before they process through the emails.
  12. A friend of mine also applied and their department received notice from a university administrator that students will get an email with results on Monday. I think they sent out results by committee, and some committees sound like people will receive a decision early next week. My committee was physics.
  13. 3 year PGS-D, though this was my last possible kick at the can so I'm a bit surprised it was for three years. My degree is supposed to end in two 🤷‍♀️ Edit: just caught up on the posts! Elli_056, I'm in the same boat with it being my last year so there is hope apparently! Also for those who are anxiously awaiting results who didn't get an email yet, they did that last year too. Some people who were accepted got an email early the next week. Hang in there!
  14. I just got my email, accepted too (finally). Yay!
  15. Yeah... maybe tomorrow?
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