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  1. spin_ice

    Vanier 2018-2019

    I know of two people with the same supervisor who won the Vanier scholarship in the same year. Apparently it can happen!
  2. spin_ice

    Publication in preparation, scholarship application

    Yes, publications that are submitted to peer-reviewed journals normally fall under a different category than those accepted to peer-reviewed journals. You would typically write the journal, date submitted and submission number.
  3. It depends on who is reading it and how much they care, but in general, no, your application won't be rejected automatically for something like that. If you apply directly to your institution, they can also catch some of your errors to make sure they're fixed when you progress to the national level. But if it's not very obvious, changes are it might slip by reviewer's eyes. That's what happened to my application last year, I only noticed a formatting size mismatch when I used that formatting for this year's application, but no one seemed to catch that earlier.
  4. spin_ice

    apply for NSERC PGS-D, about "contribution/statement"

    I don't know. I'd imagine that if you end up in that situation, there would be someone to contact to clarify this. As far as I understand, the CGS-D awards are offered to the highest ranking applicants and the PGS-D awards are awarded to the next highest ranking applicants. So I don't see why you couldn't decline it and get a PGS-D, but I don't know the process.
  5. spin_ice

    apply for NSERC PGS-D, about "contribution/statement"

    Hey, the instructions for submitting an NSERC PGS-D application are here: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/OnlineServices-ServicesEnLigne/instructions/201/pgs-pdf_eng.asp See the sections on "Contribution/Statement" and "Justification of eligibility of proposed research". In short, yes, the contributions includes your papers, research and community experience. The Justification is needed if your research could fall under more than one funding group (ie social sciences, health etc)
  6. spin_ice

    NSERC PGSD 2018-2019

    Does anyone know when the results will be posted to the NSERC website? I see the 2017-2018 results, however I believe the results for last year's competition would have been the 2018-2019 competition, which I don't see in their awards database or here: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/NSERC-CRSNG/FundingDecisions-DecisionsFinancement/ScholarshipsAndFellowships-ConcoursDeBourses/index_eng.asp Looking back at my letter from them, they recommend looking at these results so it's weird that they haven't uploaded the results so close to this year's deadline.
  7. spin_ice

    Being the only one not on a fellowhsip

    Yeah sort of in the same situation. I'm upset at watching people who I help academically, who follow my lead in extracurriculars and who prioritize other professional opportunities over their research activities get prestigious scholarships while I keep getting rejected . Talked to my supervisor about it and seems like often times it's luck, communications, people looking for the next big thing and high competition. Thankfully he thinks I'm doing a good job and the lack of scholarships is not for lack of trying. But it's still a terrible feeling, like what else am I supposed to do.
  8. spin_ice

    GPA for Canadian scholarships

    Hmm I did have extenuating circumstances that caused me to struggle academically in the past but did not reveal them this application round because I thought they weren't relevant to my current situation. I revealed them last application round and didn't even get forwarded for NSERC, didn't reveal them this time and at least got forwarded. My grades steadily improved and are higher than ever before but they might not count the current years grades, only two years prior, and may have penalized me for reduced course loads or undergraduate struggles. Or, maybe this had nothing to do with it, who knows. Either way, seems like the competition is pretty tough. They definitely look at more than just your GPA.
  9. spin_ice

    GPA for Canadian scholarships

    I think it's more complicated than that. My grades are about 90% which seems to be a 3.98 GPA or A average for my institution (apparently the GPA conversion varies depending on the institution? Not sure what the scholarships use. I used http://www.whatsmygpa.ca/ for the conversion) but no national/provincial scholarships at the Masters or Doctoral level...
  10. spin_ice

    How competitive is the Ontario Grant Scholarship (OGS)

    Like people said, it depends on your school/faculty/etc since they are allocated by the university. I think that OGS is slightly less competitive than national awards (Tri-Agency) only because it's one year instead of 2+ for PhD and you may have people applying to both so those who are top-ranked may be offered an OGS but may not accept it if they accepted a Tri-Agency award. I would imagine that the same people apply to both, in fact, international students may apply to OGS who cannot apply to most national awards (though there is a set quota of awards given out to international students so that the two pools are not in competition). I understand your frustration. Scholarships are in high demand and it sucks to not get one when you are working so hard.
  11. spin_ice

    Canada: Are scholarships taxable?

    The source here is correct but I think it is incorrect to say that Box 105 on the T4A slip is categorically not taxable, even if you are a full time student. The source you linked says, ... Box 105 does include some things that qualify as taxable income but my understanding was that scholarships did not fall under that category. I included the reference to correct this, since you must follow whatever rules the CRA states. OP, might be worth giving them a call to talk about your exact situation if you're unsure about this. As for student assistantships, they are employment income, not scholarships. They are taxable as is TA pay. Some other things differentiate scholarships from assistantships. For example, scholarships are normally paid in lump sums while assistantships are paid monthly. Assistantships are normally for a specific project. If you're unsure if the funding you receive is a scholarship or assistantship, you should contact your university financial aid office/graduate coordinator in your department or equivalent person who handles graduate student funding.
  12. spin_ice

    Canada: Are scholarships taxable?

    Scholarships are tax free. I ran into issues when I previously reported scholarships as income. This put me in a higher income bracket than I was and put my financial aid in jeopardy. Sorting that out was a headache. eternallyephemeral is right - they are in box 105 on the T4A slip and categorically do not contribute to your taxable income. Edit: turns out it depends on your status as a student. If you are a full-time student then you don't report it. Source
  13. spin_ice

    NSERC PGSD 2018-2019

    Everyone should get their ranking in the mail around now. I got mine today. Not sure how many CGS-Ds or PGS-Ds they allocate but that should tell you how many people ranked above you in your category.
  14. spin_ice

    NSERC PGSD 2018-2019

    No for me too Best of luck to everyone
  15. spin_ice

    NSERC PGSD 2018-2019

    Thanks for the update. I think the person I asked thought I meant the Ontario Graduate Scholarship even though I asked about NSERC, since no one else can confirm what they said. Hopefully we'll get contacted in the next week.

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