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  1. @oroanthro No problem! Sorry to hear that you had a bad time in Oklahoma; was it for you undergrad? So my advice would be to find a program that has the concentration and courses that interest you, especially if you have a certain area you want to specialize in. Also try to find internships/volunteer positions to help you gain more experience and knowledge about the field. Maybe that'll help you figure out what you're interested in pursuing during library school. FYI, I'm starting my MLIS/MS program in the fall, so I'm no veteran archivist or librarian, but that was the advice I was given and it helped me to find programs that fit my needs and interests.
  2. Hi! This is very late, and I applied for MLIS programs with an archives concentration, but I suspect the questions they'd ask wouldn't be all that different. I had two interviews, and there was some overlap with their questions. Both schools asked me about my educational background and if I had experience working in a library or archives. They asked about my interest in their school (why I decided to apply and why I wanted to go there). At the end of the interview, I was given time to asked them questions.
  3. @oroanthro Hi, I don't know much about Pratt (since I didn't applied there), but there might be helpful to you despite being several years old: https://hacklibraryschool.com/2011/08/02/hack-your-program-pratt/ Sorry I couldn't be of much help otherwise! If you don't mind me asking, are you from NYC? There's also Rutgers in NJ, if you wanted to stay in the NYC-NJ area.
  4. I found this forum a few weeks ago, forgot about it, and here I am again with an account! I'm more interested in archives than librarianship, but I haven't found another forum for archives...I'm sad this forum isn't super active either since I'd like to connect with other LIS and archives students! Anyways, I applied to four programs: History MA/Archives MS at Simmons (accepted), MI with a concentration in archives at Rutgers (accepted), Archives and Records Management at University of Liverpool (no response yet), and Archives and Records Management at University College Dublin (accepted- I think). I'm also fresh out of undergrad - I finished my Bachelor's in February.
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