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  1. Thank you for your kind words! It definitely seems like a little bit of luck, but hopefully as well all keep moving forward and applying, we will get lucky. Funny about what your supervisor told you - even the big names are getting rejected! Good luck with your application next year
  2. Thank you for this. I'm not taking it personally, I just wish I could make sense of all of this. To have one reviewer rate my academic experience and achievements at a 4/5 and the other reviewer at 1/5.... Similar to you, a 90 average, a teaching fellowship, a research fellowship, 15 teaching assistantships, lots of conferences. No publication yet tho... so maybe that is why. Besides a publication, there is not anything else I feel like I can do.
  3. I'm not sure if this was for me, but I was committee 4a
  4. A question about the review process (not sure that anyone can answer) so I can move forward/improve for next year. I e-mailed SSHRC to get a breakdown of my scores. One reviewer scored me 3/10, another reviewer scored me 8/10. I'm not understanding this AT ALL. How can I effectively improve an application with these huge differences? I'm sure many of us are in the same boat.
  5. Really?! Well, I don’t think I was waitlisted. It never said anything in the document. But yes probably depends on sub-committee. I’m in Education.
  6. Just got results too. Denied with a 12, committee 4.
  7. I have a colleague in a different department At usask who heard. I don’t. understand this. at all.
  8. I feel like I am the only one left who hasn’t found out. Just reject me already so we don’t have to keep dragging this out 😫 I’m in the middle of my comp exams.
  9. I'm also committee 4 and haven't heard anything
  10. What!!! That sucks they said that! My friend JUST got notification in her portal and got the CGSD.
  11. Waitlisted is still an accomplishment!!
  12. Also, to give hope to some of you, my friend just got word this morning and won a CGS-D. So not all rejections today!
  13. For people who have been hearing back about rejections/waitlists... did you see that through the portal? or did your institution message you?
  14. Yes exactly. Same proposal, first year got waitlisted, second year didn't even make it out of the university. Its a crapshoot.
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