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  1. My fingers are crossed to those who haven’t heard back yet. I hope the wait will be worth it and that you’d hear good news soon! To those who got an offer, how do we accept the grant?
  2. Yes it’ll appear on the main page. 3 documents if you got it! Good luck!!
  3. For those on waitlist: I got a score of 13.80/20 and received offer of SSHRC-Doctoral Fellowship. I'm in Committee 4.
  4. Received my login info at 8:54 AM; got my results at 3:05pm. UofA
  5. Not sure if they've released acceptance letters as yet? Does anyone know?
  6. Sorry to hear about the rejection. Mine will probably come soon too. Thanks for the update
  7. Just MP I’m curious because her name used to be up on the list of faculty who are accepting students
  8. Anyone here with MP as POI at OISE for SCCP?
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