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  1. Arym

    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Do you know is it normal that I applied for English taught program but Declaration of Acceptance in German?
  2. Arym

    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Guys, where did you found your Declaration of Acceptance?
  3. Arym

    DAAD 2018-2019

    My status went blank yesterday and still didn't appear
  4. Arym

    DAAD 2018-2019

    Hi Guys, I am also from KZ. My status changed 4 weeks ago for selection made and then nothing changed.
  5. Arym

    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Congrats for all with funding) I still keep waiting. Sounds cool) Where your final destination is?
  6. Arym

    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Same with me. I have had this selection made status for three long weeks.

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