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  1. To anyone who T.A.'s, teaches, or took a gap year and taught high school in between, I have a few questions. I'm taking a gap year between my MA and my PhD and hoping to teach high school in the interim and I have my first teaching interview tomorrow. To anyone out there who knows the process -- I've interviewed for a lot of things but figure that this one will be a quite different set of questions -- what should I prepare or be prepared to answer in an interview for a job teaching AP English to high school (charter school) students? i.e., do I need to have a lesson prepared, a statement of te
  2. I'm about to graduate in May and move to Gainesville, FL in September. I want to get into a top PhD program when I do apply, either for Fall 2019 or for Fall 2020 (hopefully Fall 2019). I'm trying to figure out how to spend these years best. With grad debt coming crashing down in November, the idea of enrolling in another graduate program is appealing, but does anyone know of 1 year certificate programs in theory, philosophy, psychoanalysis, interdisciplinary studies, or language acquisition (Latin) and a teaching element (English)? I can defer if I go to UF and if I get into a Philosophy MA
  3. I'm about to be in Gainesville, FL for the next two years after getting my MA from Georgetown in English. I'm looking into a Master's in Philosophy -- anyone have any idea whether any FL schools have decent philosophy MA or certificate programs, or maybe philosophy certificate/critical theory oriented programs in the south more generally? (AL, GA, TN, NC, SC -- but stuck with Florida for the forthcoming year). Since I didn't major in philosophy undergrad, my standards aren't ridiculously high, but I don't want to mar my CV (especially for applying to PhDs) by transitioning from Ge
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