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  1. My applications all require two letters of recommendation from academic sources. What counts as an academic source? Anyone other than a professor?
  2. Hi all, I have never written a personal statement before and I am finding the process a little daunting. One of my applications asks the following question: - Have you researched the professions involved with communication disorders? How would I go about answering this in a well written personal statement?
  3. Hi all! I am about to apply for the Post bacc program in Communication Disorders at SUNY New Paltz. Anyone who applied before notice that the app doesnt require a letter of rec? Am I reading it wrong? Just want to be 100% sure. Any tips for writing a good statement of purpose? I have never written one before. Also, any other speech post bacc programs online that allow start in the Spring or late fall? I only noticed Northwestern but that one is too expensive. Thanks!
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