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  1. Hi Sigaba, By no means do I not trust Doctor Malikov. I trust him him greatly. Yet I want more than just one opinion on grad school. In addition to talking to Doctor Malikov, I have also sought advice from Doctor Harper, and I will soon go to Doctor Hendley. I want as many opinions as possible. I posted on this site to see what people would say. You might think it fruitless to post here, but I'm just trying to get as many opinions as possible. I didn't intend for my post to appear as if I didn't trust the faculty I work and study under. I hope that clears up why I posted here.
  2. Hi Sigaba, It's my first time on the site. I have a very good relationship with Doctor Malikov, and I worked with him on his latest research project. I have discussed grad school with some professors. I posted here to see what others would say. Out of curiosity, did you go to Oneonta, and do you know Dr. Malikov?
  3. Hi Psstein, Thank you for the reply! I have decent proficiency in French, and I am expanding my proficiency in Russian. I hope to be fluent in Russian. I will be starting work on my undergrad thesis this fall, and it will take two semesters. Your answer is extremely useful. Based off the above, the letters of rec, writing sample, and statement of purpose factor in more than I thought, but how much emphasis is placed on the GRE?
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently an undergraduate student studying History at SUNY Oneonta. My current GPA at SUNY O is 3.93, and I am working for the department chair as a research assistantship (funded work). I have worked as a research assistant for another professor, and I will be working as a teaching assistant next semester. I am also learning Russian and French, and I will be studying abroad in Saint Petersburg. Unfortunately, my academic history is hardly great outside of SUNY Oneonta. I started college when I was 16 at SUNY Delhi. I did 100 level classes with a mix of A's and
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