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  1. Nevermind, they give you the chance to change it after you accept!
  2. Undergrad, BME, offered award: VG/VG, E/E, E/E Also, does anyone know how to change the institution I proposed when applying? That's not where I ended up going.
  3. I got the award!!! Iā€™m beyond surprised that I got it after so many grad school rejects. And as an undergrad!! This is so exciting
  4. Just committed! Anyone else going there in the fall?
  5. I decided to say fuck it and commit to Davis. Even if by some chance I get the NSF I don't want to make a decision so last minute. It feels really good šŸ˜€ Thanks all for being such a supportive group of people. Best of luck to those still waiting!
  6. I just got the official notification that I'm rejected from UCSD but can "revisit" it if I get the NSF. Or I could enter for the MS but that's unfunded so I can't. I had a feeling this was why they'd ghosted me until now but it's still kind of depressing. I'm pretty sure I won't get the NSF.
  7. I decided to go for a summer job! I'm decently far into the application process for a STEM Camp Counsellor position, which I'm really excited about because I love teaching kids. So I'll be able to have a good time and hopefully make a few bucks
  8. Does anyone else feel embarrassed when people ask how their grad school search is going? My family all think I'm a genius so the fact that I didn't get into the top tier schools makes me feel like I failed, even thoughI really like the school I'm most likely attending. I'm coming straight from undergrad, and all my peers have been traveling constantly for interview weekends, but all I have is one visit weekend. My friends in different fields all have to choose between 4+ top tier schools. I'm happy with where I am but I just shouldn't have told people that I was reaching for the stars, because now they know I missed.
  9. I'm still waiting for my official letter from the school I'm currently planning to attend. Why does it take so long? I need to at least know about funding, and it would really settle my anxiety to have everything officially settled. On that note, can my last couple schools officially reject me? There's still a tiny part of me that's dreaming of UCSD even though I know it's pretty much too late
  10. I wish UCSD would just reject me already so I can fully commit myself to Davis. I also wish Davis would tell me about funding so I can start thinking about housing. I just want to have everything all set already, I hate waiting, I need to plan
  11. I think that just means that they're willing to give you feedback on your application and why you were rejected if you plan on applying again and you email them in late spring. Sorry about the rejection
  12. It's only been about a week and I emailed the coordinator again yesterday. I'm sure they're just really busy and I'm being paranoid lol
  13. UC Davis hasn't confirmed the receipt of my itinerary and payment information (for reimbursement for the visit) and now I'm irrationally worried that they're going to be like "Sorry actually that was a mistake and you're not actually accepted." I wish they'd just send the official acceptance letter to make me feel better
  14. What do people typically do in the summer before going to graduate school? I'm not eligible to apply for REUs since I'll have graduated undergrad by then, but I also don't just want to sit at home all summer. I need to make money anyway, and I don't have a car at home to get around to a minimum wage summer job or anything. I was thinking of applying to industry internships, but since my experience is only in academic research, I don't know if I could find one. My field is biomedical engineering (interests in tissue engineering and experience in materials characterization). Does anyone here have any advice?
  15. There was no interview or any sort of contact before the acceptance. I also didn't reach out to any professors before/when applying. It's hard to tell whether they send admissions in waves because there really aren't that many results for Davis on the results page (that I could find, the search function hasn't been working well for me lately), but it looks like last year there was an acceptance on February 4th so I think there's a good chance that there are later acceptances. Good luck!
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