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  1. eekemelye

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    My best friend (and current roommate--can vouch for her!) is working at Massachusetts General Hospital for her gap year, starting the beginning of this June and is looking for a roommate (or multiple roommates) for the year. If anyone is looking to move into the Boston around the same time, do message me!
  2. eekemelye

    NYC meetup?

    Would be down for a meetup!
  3. eekemelye

    2019 Applicants

    Received an acceptance over email from Harvard today in the late afternoon! It said to expect a call later in the week. Good luck to everyone!! (I'm a medievalist, if it helps to know)
  4. eekemelye

    2019 Acceptances

    @FiguresIII I did--message me!
  5. eekemelye

    2019 Acceptances

    Also received a Berkeley acceptance email last night, and am also a medievalist like @kef5, so it seems that each subfield might be admitting on a somewhat independent timeline? Was content to just lurk on this thread, but perhaps this information will provide us all with a small shred of hope for any other schools that seem to be implied rejections... (@me, irrationally holding out hope for Columbia; yikes)
  6. Hello all! I'm hoping to apply to English PhD programs this cycle, and am just wondering if anyone has any concrete information about what scores we should be aiming for on the English subject GRE (I'm taking it in a couple weeks, and freaking out a bit, since there really aren't that many diagnostic test available). A somewhat intensive Google search has so far yielded very little information, and my current impression is that it matters a bit less than the other elements of the application, but I'm still very uncertain about this all. Thanks so much in advance!

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