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  1. Thanks to everyone in this thread! It’s really helpful. Coming from US, but recently served in the peace corps until a month or so ago. Deciding btwn American SIS (coverdell, 29k) GW (in off waitlist, no word on funding yet) SAIS MAIAA (2 hrs bologna, awaiting reconsideration) Fletcher (15k/yr) Waitlisted at Georgetown but probably not getting in nor would I get funding I believe. Leaning toward it’s btwn SAIS and Fletcher for me. The MAIA program is cheaper than the standard MA program. I would spend both years in Bologna so the cost of living is less. MAIA would require a fewer Econ courses and is a create your own MA while also doing a thesis/research paper. This is attractive to me because as someone who isn’t 1000% what they want to do and as someone who has multiple interests it would allow me to gain more knowledge in different areas while still finding an in depth focus area. I want to get up to speed on the different sectors I could work in in order to have a more complete education entering the work force as I am not coming from an IR background. being in bologna is a big plus as I am not really interested in working within the US, and being abroad for two more years establishes me an international and the career events SAIS offers would open more doors for me to work abroad. That said I would have the option to transfer to DC if I desired. Based on the open house, SAIS feels like they’re a little more interesting in helping you find what you want to do. Fletcher on the other hand tugs at me a bit bc I have heard great things about the Fletcher community. The areas I would go into I am really interested in (human security and conflict resolution). I know if I went to Fletcher I would be fine and happy, whereas Bologna feels like a risk reward. The one thing I’ve gathered from this forum is that Fletcher is better if you know exactly what you want, and I’m not 100% (I’ll probably try to the NGO/Public/IGO) route). The panels I have seen for Fletcher tend to reflect this (most answers were “do you own research or “once you know well help you”). Their career panel also seemed slightly more domestic/government focused. The amount of networking opportunities is less than SAIS Europe (and the sais opportunities are more interesting to me) Currently Fletcher and SAIS cost the same. Once I heard about funding from SAIS that might change things. It’s hard for me to evaluate GW without knowing aid. Americans curriculum just doesn’t do it for me. I probably won’t have to borrow for cost of living unless I live in DC. I also have lived in DC before and moving back isn’t a huge draw (though I do like dc).
  2. So I got an email at the beginning of March saying my application “couldn’t be recommended for admission” but then ultimately I was waitlisted. Confused how that works, I was denied but they changed their mind? I might ride the waitlist to see what happens in the next month or so just to keep options open, but that’s really weird to me.
  3. Thanks for that. I’m in at the 2 year bologna program and fletcher. Honestly I will probably be fine regardless of which I go to, but it’s still hard to come up with reasons. I can’t decide if the Econ focus is a plus or a non factor. As a person it would round me out, as a professional I’m not sure. With my aid package at fletcher they come out to roughly the same costs tuition wise, however, being American I could work while attending fletcher whereas in Italy I am not sure that is the case. I am also unsure of the internship opportunities provided by the europe campus. not really sure what to make of the impact of the virus on this as well. Virtual classes would defeat the point of either of these schools, but especially bologna.
  4. Curious to hear your thoughts on SAIS europe VS. fletcher. Same boat tho I have no funding at sais Europe
  5. How’s everyone feeling about Fletcher as a whole?
  6. In! With some money, enough to make the decision harder for sure. This was my sweetheart school and school I was most excited for, but it’s not a cheap one.
  7. Welp is today the day? I’m gunna be glued to my email all day 🥶
  8. Oh no sorry I realize that was vague, that’s just based off coursework as I took Econ and Stats in UG. I was advised in my interview to study on my own to prep/refresh for non intro courses but they didn’t mentioned anything about the exam itself.
  9. I also called admissions before applying and they said you could change things after acceptance. Later I was told in my interview that this was possible and it didn’t sound like a huge deal, so if you’re considering it doesn’t hurt to ask
  10. Yeah SIS gave me a coverdell scholarship. SIS is cheap if you’re comparing dc schools, but about the same as the MAIA program I was accepted to. Hopefully this give me some leverage.
  11. https://sais.jhu.edu/admissions/pre-term/tuition-sais-europe-pre-term looks like it’s here. I’m most likely going to preterm (I passed the Econ requirements, I would go to help get settled/ learn Italian )
  12. I actually used to live down the street from their dc building! It’s a good location but I think the move to the newseum will be even bigger, you’ll be having lunch at pret a manger with all sorts of interesting people
  13. Oh man this is a heck of a week for me. Getting all my results in the span of 10 days
  14. In! To the MAIA. No email yet I just started refreshing when I say that was a thing. In my interview they did say they try to release funding in different emails the same day as acceptances, so stay tuned. Incredibly happy. This is up there for my choices for sure.
  15. Well this is optimistic for today then Good luck everyone!
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