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  1. Great job everyone. I'm gonna start the second application cycle soon!
  2. Hello everyone, I am the person who started this topic in the first place. Time really flies! I have been busy with my work so hasn't gotten much time to check gradcafe. I can't believe so much could happen in these few months (from Nov. to Feb.). I noticed someone are happy with their offers and interviews and some are dismayed by rejections and waitlists. I want to share some personal thoughts and inspirations. It's very important we don't define ourselves based on the rejection or acceptance letters. Life is so much more than the clinical psychology program. I want to share a post I r
  3. Guys. I really think it's more appropriate if you send a personal message to those who have posted interview invites to inquire POI info. I don't think people would actually read everyone's request and send message to each individual. That's a lot of work. So, if you want to know, be proactive! Also, I don't think it's a good idea to post POI's initials and names publicly. If I'm a professor, I won't want students to post on an online forum showing that I've sent out invites etc.
  4. Thank you guys for all of your input!!! super helpful I now just can't stop imagining all the worse scenarios. Gotta do something to keep my sanity!
  5. Hello guys, I wonder how much does funding play a role in POIs and committee's decisions? Would I be strongly disadvantaged if I'm not qualified for any external funding? Thanks!
  6. It's Jan. 2, holiday is over. How many of you have started checking your emails incessantly!?????
  7. Yes!.Congratulations! Do you mind share your POI? Thanks!
  8. Based on what I know, a professor can't decide alone whether to take a student. The decision is made by the admission committee which contains other professors in the department. Once the admission is recommended, the school's graduate office has the final say if the official offer will be sent out or not. As long as your grades and records are competitive enough compared to other applicants and you meet the minimum requirement, you should be fine Another factor that may affect whether you will receive an offer or not is funding. All the best!
  9. I looked at last year's posts, it seems like Waterloo and UBC's preliminary interviews usually happen around the beginning of Jan. I will worry after the New Year?
  10. I got the exact the same email. I've emailed the graduate office and they are working it out. They are probably undergoing a lot of stress and pressure at this moment. Hope it will resolve soon.
  11. I personally don't think it's necessary. I think schools have a specific procedure of creating a short list and then the professor will contact the applicants on the shortlist.
  12. Hello guys, You all offered great advice! Thank you @spookycat, I hope you will feel better and hear good news soon. I'm very shocked that they will even ask detailed questions like that! I won't be ready to answer that kind of question either. So, I think many are on the same page with you or not as good as you. Don't worry until your worry is warranted. I now wonder how detailed are we supposed to know about potential POIs' research. Is it necessary to know all potential POIs' research or just the primary one? I hope others could shed light on the extent to which our literatu
  13. Hello guys! Thank you for your comfort! It helps I really want to enjoy my Christmas and then think about all this in the New Year. You guys all make good points! I feel better now Good Luck to us & Merry Christmas
  14. Hello folks! Our thread is very quiet! I guess we will probably hear back from Canadian schools in early Jan. Anyone think it's possible to get any responses before Christmas? I wonder for those who know about the preliminary interviewing process, will the POI call you without prior notice? I was panic these days whenever my phone rang with an unknown caller ID and then I found that it was just a scam call... LOL... It would be much better if I could receive notice about any upcoming calls regarding interviews! Email is even better. I just generally don't like answering phone
  15. Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing! It makes me feel much better. I guess it's just a system glitch or something that didn't send out the notification... All my references are shown as submitted and received in the system, so I don't think I need to worry. Really need to take a mental break now! Good luck to your application!
  16. Hello everyone! For those who applied to UBC, could you share about your current application status? One of my letter writers submitted the letter after Dec. 1 (the document deadline) and before Dec. 15 (the reference letter deadline). My other two letter writers submitted before Dec. 1 and I received notifications, but not for the prof who submitted after Dec. 1. I don't know if this is normal. In my online app system, all reference letters are received. My status is In progress. Does everyone else have the same status? Many Thanks!!!
  17. For those who applied to Queen's university at Canada, were you able to upload your unofficial GRE PDF results onto the online application system? I saw some people discussed about it in the clinical psychology thread. I didn't upload my GRE scores because there was no place to do it. My application status was still shown as " in progress" because my official results are still not received. So frustrating! Thank you in advance for your input!
  18. Thank you! Yes, I will wait, finger crossed it will be okay. Did you apply to Queens before?
  19. Thank you! I've ordered my scores and it is reported today. Hopefully it will arrive on time!
  20. For those who are applying to Queen's University. I wonder whether you are able to ensure your official GRE scores will be received by Dec. 1st (the deadline). The website states " The admissions application deadline, and ALL supporting documents (including GRE scores, references, etc.), are due December 1st of each year for the next academic year " It didn't say the official scores must be received by Dec. 1. I already received all my scores and I can attach an unofficial PDF test results, but I don't know if this is acceptable. I emailed the department graduate office and no reply
  21. Thank you Jay's Brain for always being helpful! It really comforts me. I actually decided to send scores to schools immediately after I saw my scores. I think I was quite impulsive, my logic was that I was quite confident about my writing in the second time, so it will get better than the first; therefore my overall verbal and writing will be better than the first time. I basically got A+ in all my stat courses which show my competence in doing math. So, I think the second might be better. I am kind of taking a risk here, I don't want to pay extra money for sending scores. If my writing still
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