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  1. Scripps finished sending out interviews mid Jan, so idk if that acceptance is real or not since interview starts in late Feb
  2. They told me they have finished sending out acceptance on 1/25
  3. You should be fine. They mostly care about GPA of your last institute. Did you hear from anywhere yet? Good luck!
  4. Yah but I apply to chemical biology program there instead of chemistry even though I'm interested in doing ochem
  5. Which program of UM did you apply? Chemical bio?
  6. I had skype calls with few professors which led to a few acceptances. They mainly asked why I am interested in their program, and why do you want to pursue PhD. They also discuss about future goal of their research since it is usually not on their website. All I did was making sure I understood their research thoroughly, be able to discuss about mine, as well as understanding about the program. You can ask about their research project, how do they operate their lab, the environment in lab, or funding, rotation required in the program. I wore a shirt, so just business casual. Make sure you
  7. Lol i just jot my first rejection there instead. Congratz!
  8. picking up powerlifting recently
  9. Just heard that Scrips will start sending out interview invite tomorrow!
  10. I think they are just very busy during these times! hope it work out well
  11. Anyone apply for Notre Dame Chemistry program? It seems like they sent out some acceptance already
  12. Enjoy your life! It’s better to be single than being in an unhealthy relationship
  13. I hope you will find a good partner on your next journey in PhD school
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