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  1. SLPDreamer_96

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    I'm not 100% if I'm remembering this right, but I think I saw in past forums before that if you call Western they at least tell you a rough estimate of your position on the waitlist (i.e. top, middle, or bottom 1/3), so it may not hurt to give them a call to see. That being said, it seems like a fair amount of people have declined spots at Western for other schools so you do still have a chance!! Best of luck! 🙏
  2. SLPDreamer_96

    Canadian SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    I accepted my offer at Western, so I will be taken off of the waitlist at Mac! Best of luck everyone
  3. SLPDreamer_96

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    I also got into Western and I feel the same way!!!!! It is honestly such a strange surreal feeling, but I'm also wishing the best of luck to those waitlisted and those waiting on an answer. ❤️
  4. SLPDreamer_96

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    Just wanted to wish the best of luck to everyone waiting on ORPAS results tonight!!! No matter what the outcome may be, just know that you should be proud of your hard work either way. I'm wishing everyone the best!
  5. SLPDreamer_96

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    Hey! I’m not sure about McMaster, but I went to Western’s Open House and this is the admission data they gave us: Applications received: 425 Available spaces: 50 Grade range of incoming class: 3.39-4.00 sub-GPA Hope this helps
  6. SLPDreamer_96

    2019 Canadian Speech-Language Pathology

    I’m applying to Western, McMaster, and McGill!

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