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  1. sunrisesunset


    Hahahaha how awful they might as well have not told you anything
  2. sunrisesunset


    To those of you that got accepted into the Oxford BPhil: Congrats!!! Competition seems really tough this year. If you plan on taking the offer and you were also made an offer to go to the Cambridge MPhil, could you please withdraw the offer from Cambridge? It could possibly help me: in the process of an appeal.
  3. sunrisesunset


    Oh wow! Congratulations!!!
  4. sunrisesunset

    LOR Writer Problem

    Get in touch with your department and ask if they can get in contact.
  5. sunrisesunset


    You are always accepted to the University of my heart.
  6. sunrisesunset

    2018-19 Admissions/Rejections/Waitlists

    @DoodleBob Any funding?
  7. This guy knows what he's talking about
  8. sunrisesunset

    Is it acceptable to talk to your POI?

    Do you remember how they responded?
  9. sunrisesunset

    Is it acceptable to talk to your POI?

    Hey there So this popular philosopher at my main choice for grad school is coming to my university. He might also be involved in the admissions process, but I don't know for sure. Would it be a good idea to talk to him and ask if he would potentially supervise my work, if I got in? Or will I come across as trying to influence the admissions process, thereby ruining my chances? Thanks

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