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  1. So I got a call from the POI at Catholic inviting me to an interview which I called to confirm. But I still haven't received follow-up info from the school or the 3rd years (which they said I would) but didn't really give a timeline. Anybody want to help abate my anxiety?
  2. Negative. Although I feel like the same thing is going to happen like yesterday with Fordham. We start talking about it and the emails are going to start flowing.
  3. How about Catholic? Anybody heard from them? Thought they would have posted by now...
  4. Looks like I am a reject for Mississippi State ? Bummer...I thought I would be a good candidate for this place. I think the real mystery of the universe is solving the clinical psychology application and acceptance process...it may be an important mechanism that has a significant impact on the space/time continuum...
  5. I feel that. 3rd time here too! Nice to have some solidarity with others
  6. That's good to know. I applied to OU. My GRE was just OK, so I assume I won't be getting an invite. Thanks for the info!
  7. OMG--If people don't stop asking for POI Initials on the results page I am going to blow a gasket. Especially that one person who said "...You're giving the rest of us anxiety by not posting the initials..." WTLF.
  8. Saw that someone hear from Ohio University IO Program. Anybody get news from their Clinical program?
  9. Just got my rejection from USU. Not sure what happened here; I thought I had a good conversation with the POI. Anywho...que sera sera
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