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  1. you can search child psychology on the result page, they said they got emails, not sure whether they emailed or just notified.
  2. I think they did, saw two posts on the result page says they received emails of being on the waiting list.
  3. Anyone heard from Child Psychology from University of Minnesota DPCS track? Saw one post today, is it an email from department or the person asked?
  4. To whom just post the invitation of U Michigan, could you please send me your POI infor? and it is a mass email? Thanks and Congraz!
  5. I know you are absolutely right. Guess I will just wait a little longer. Don’t wanna jeopardize any chances. Thanks!
  6. Anyone heard from SMU yet? They’re interview day is 1/25. Is it appropriate if I email POI to ask whether the invitation has been sent out? Had applied to 10 schools with 1 rejection. Nervous to death now.
  7. Both are typical. Some sent their rejection notice right away. I heard ppl say chances are very low if you don't heard anything after Jan15. I guess that might be the case for me this year...
  8. Can the person who received an interview from University of Missouri-- Columbia DM me their initials? Thank you and congrats!
  9. Thank you so much! Good luck on your applications~ "fit" is a very subjective and vague term to me, not sure how to make a evaluation on whether I fit a program or not...not sure what you guys think...it is killing me~....
  10. Heard that University of Missouri (St. Louis) sent out invitations around Christmas (before Jan) last year, not sure about this year. I haven't got any messages from them either...
  11. Hi there, I want to ask you guys a question, what are the things or questions asked during preliminary phone interview for clinical psych program? Got pretty nervous seeing folks didn’t get in-person interview invitation after phone interview.
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