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  1. Received an offer from University of Nebraska-Lincoln for Clinical Psych PhD and plan to accept! Feel free to DM for POI
  2. Could those who received offers from UNL please DM me your POI? Thank you in advance!
  3. School: Saint Louis University Program: Clinical Psychology PhD Type: Email from grad admissions coordinator for in-person interview Interview Dates: February 28 or March 1 Feel free to message for POI!
  4. School: University of Montana Program: Clinical Psychology PhD Type of Invite: Email from POI for phone interview Interview Date(s): Multiple options for dates/times suggested for week of 1/14
  5. School: University of Nebraska - Lincoln Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: January 09 Type of invite: Email from POI with formal invitation from grad admissions to follow Interview date(s): February 15-17 This is one of my top choice schools and my first interview invite!! So excited but also in disbelief. Feel free to DM for POI!
  6. Could the person who had the skype interview with PI and grad students please DM me your POI? Thanks in advance!
  7. Many schools don't send invites until late January, so don't lose hope yet! If you haven't heard by mid-late February that's when you can assume likely rejection
  8. Could the applicants who received interview invites at Penn State DM me your POIs? Thanks and congratulations!
  9. Can those who have received interview invites for Penn State please DM me your POIs? Thanks in advance!
  10. To the last few applicants who got interview invites to Penn State. Who are your POIs? This is one of my top choice programs and would love to know, thanks!
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