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  1. Did any apply to Boston College and UT of Austin. I’m really interested in both program’s military and families certificate.
  2. I was accepted for the Advanced standing for Spring Start. I would be interested and getting to know more people
  3. Okay thanks. I applied January 15 too for Advanced standing and now I’m starting to think I may not have gotten in. I’ve been checking like crazy.
  4. Around what time did you all submit your applications? If you don’t mind me asking
  5. If the military isn’t for you. Or your waitIng my professor did the program below once she got her LCSW. She speaks very highly of it. You work in a rural area and they pay off your loans and send you a check. Also they have a program they will pay for your school and give you a monthly allowance. https://nhsc.hrsa.gov/
  6. I’m really hoping so! This is my top choice and I wish I knew about the program earlier.
  7. Okay thanks! My email said I should hear back on or around March 15. I’m just waiting now is the hard part!
  8. I was able to login into Agora but I can't see anything on admissions. Only account and personal info, common services, and other services.
  9. I also applied to BC by the 1/15 deadline and am still waiting to hear back.
  10. Does the status change from being “submitted” to under review or anything at BC?
  11. @lmf126 I applied for the priority deadline as well. I believe you should hear back by March 15. My application status still says submitted as well. Good luck to you
  12. Im in the process of applying for advance standing Spring 2020. Good luck to you all!
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