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  1. That's the thing it seemed generic as hell, but it was sent by the recruitment coordinator and there wasn't an unsubscribe option.
  2. Unfortunately not, I haven't heard from them yet. Neither have any of my friends who applied to UofT or UWaterloo. I keep hearing unconfirmed windows for Waterloo especially. They have a rather irregular decision period. Even on grad cafe you can see they're pretty much scattered. Looks like we can only wait for them to roll out the decisions. Btw if you've applied to UWaterloo, did you get a grad e-newsletter? That kind of seemed sketchy because they should've honestly send it out when we applied. Why now? I haven't heard anything from UofT yet. Heck, I didn't even get so much as an interview tbh. Honestly bro, I'd pester the admissions office by telling them you have other offers and ask them to expedite your application. You shouldn't have to give up other offers for them, because their decision may not always be favorable (I sincerely hope that's not the case though!).
  3. I think they finally got to reviewing your file, because it's been "complete, under review" for me for a while now.
  4. Are you guys talking about the Graduate Applications System form we had to fill out after paying or website where it lists all the applications you've sent?
  5. I applied for Masters in Computer Science (Coursework). I recently got a grad e-newsletter from them regarding what the steps are in the application process and general statistics about their university. But other than that, it's been radio silence a.k.a. "No decision has yet been made by the academic department."
  6. Anyone here heard back? Are they still sending out interview invites? Legit freaking out cause even Feb's up and still no interview 😔
  7. Haven't heard anything from them yet. For their program I went with the non-thesis/coursework option, so it might differ unless you chose the same. You got an email regarding the large number of applicants? I didn't get any email regarding that.
  8. Do you have a US/Canadian bachelor's degree? If so, it shouldn't matter much from what I have heard.
  9. Applied to two programs top 30 and basically pinning my entire future on it. Wake up, check the if anyone else got in from the same field. Email check for interviews, and the final check on their respective websites. The anxiety is strong with this one.
  10. From the looks of the front page of the search, it seems like if the option unlocked means you didn't get through. It's one guy so I'd take it with a grain of salt, but this doesn't look good ?.
  11. Is it specific to your research area or in general?
  12. No idea, I think they finished phase one of the applications. I saw that the selections aren't ensured but they don't exactly preclude us from working with other faculty members. So I think this may just be the initial phase of the people who got selected; at least, that's what I'm hoping.
  13. Same here, that's weird. My first POI was locked and not he's not anymore. Same with my research interests, the top two aren't locked anymore as they were before.
  14. Haha! A Dragonball Super fan amidst the anxiety! Can't wait till it comes back, the Broly movie was amazing!
  15. Thanks for replying! Really calmed me down to know that it isn't as big a deal as I thought it would be! I get a sort of waiver from TOEFL cause I graduated from a US university. I really hope it boils down to LOR, GPA and projects (fingers crossed).
  16. Worries: I applied to UWaterloo and UToronto without a GRE score. I don't know if my GPA/LORs and SOP will be enough to pull me through. The universities specifically say they don't need it. UToronto says they recommend it ?. I apologize if this comes across as bragging, but I wanted to ask if anyone else has actually gotten into UToronto without a GRE. To provide a sort of background, my GPA is 3.98/4. Any insight will be greatly appreciated! Excitement: I legitimately want to learn under the best and UToronto will finally give me that opportunity (if I get it, fingers crossed!). One of my POI's works in Space Robotics and I really really want to work with him! Might end up learning/making something really cool along the process!
  17. Hey guys, How big of a setback do you think not giving the GRE Scores will be? Some info about me: graduated from a nationally ranked #119 university in the US and I have a good GPA (3.988/4.0) with great LOR's, a good SOP. I have done a lot of individual projects as well which I listed on my resume. Do you think not providing GRE scores should pose a problem? Thanks in advance!
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