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  1. Looks like a shutout for me unless CUNY miraculously works out. Best of luck to you guys waiting to hear back, and congrats to everyone who got in!
  2. Given I haven't gotten a WUSTL email from DGS, can I add it to my pile of implied rejections (or at least implied non-acceptances if I'm lucky enough to get a spot on the wait list)? EDIT: Also, I've seen Cambridge rejections on results board for the MPhil. Does Cambridge not send them all out at once? I know they are on a "rolling admissions" system but I heard from some people that all that means for Cambridge is that they may contact you early if your application really wows them (don't know if that's true or not).
  3. The only thing that's keeping me from imploding from morbid despair right now is constantly replaying Holding Out for a Hero on full volume
  4. Welp the refresh button on my email is going to break this week lol! I saw today that I missed a call from a 314 number on Thursday, which sparks a bit of hope in me. Congrats on the acceptances, it sounds like an amazing program ☺️
  5. Anyone else apply to WUSTL? Seems a little too early for people to be hearing results since apps were due on 7th--or is that just me trying to rationalize away the reality of another implied rejection? ?
  6. I love that there are like three different convos happening on this forum all at once
  7. Lol I've heard he's required to be in the room during philosophy department meetings
  8. I know a few grads in various humanities departments that didn't do too well on the GRE Q and were accepted. V and AW scores probably are looked at much more for English. Some departments are transparent and will report average GRE scores (Duke does this, for instance, and I think average Q scores are in the 150s).
  9. I too recall seeing this on the website, but for some reason I remember it saying they aimed to start getting decisions out after the 20th? At any rate, I've been refreshing my email since like 4 AM lol
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