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  1. My research is mostly on Victorian/late 19th c to mid-20th c British novel.
  2. I declined the offer of admission at Ohio State yesterday, although I liked the program. My reasons are completely non-academical: I was not sure I would like living in Columbus (and I have a couple more location-related personal problems as well which were a part of my decision process), and also the stipend was a bit low.
  3. I am so so SO confused about writing an e-mail to Michigan. In my mind, I am either thinking “getting off of the waitlist will happen whether you do something or not if the list moves, so let it be” or “are you stupid, of course you should do whatever you can?!?!?” Why every single step of this process has to be so full of anxiety?
  4. I always get new tattoos/piercing done when I am especially stressed (and depressed). It really does help since it makes me extremely aware of my physical body and *absolutely nothing else* for 2-3 hours--which is, luckily, much longer than a therapy session...
  5. @placeinspace oh thanks! Just checked the portal and there it was, sweet sweet rejection. (By the way, they don't even sound kind like the way other rejection letters do, it's just a "yeah we don't want you" letter...)
  6. Sorry to hear that. From what I've heard UChicago has always been a mess when it comes to the way they handle all these applications, but this information probably does not help the situation
  7. My decision folder just disappeared today? It was there yesterday when I checked (but empty, of course) Anyone experiencing this?
  8. It's me, just got an e-mail from the Graduate Studies Coordinator
  9. @trytostay you have the best attitude I've seen here on gradcafe, I think. I hope you'll get an acceptance soon, fingers crossed for you!
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