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  1. I have no idea! Does yours say that too??
  2. For everyone asking how acorn screen looks like when it says invites! Hope this helps and good luck to everyone!!
  3. I think it’s the kind of experience I had I worked with newcomers and I also worked with youth in care! So I’ve worked with a lot of marginalized communities and have had direct experience coordinator programs and providing case management!!
  4. I GOT INTO UOFT 2 YEAR MASTERS PROGRAM!! I only had a B average soo I didn’t think I would get in!! God is great! Good luck yo everyone sending positive vibes!!’
  5. I would also like to get more insight about this program
  6. Hi I just wanted to ask are the people who are being invited for UofT only with the advance stream or both the 2 year stream as well??
  7. Hey Everyone Did anyone apply to UofT's Master of Social work for non BSW students or Windsor's non BSW Masters Program!! I applied to UofT's MSW for non BSW in December and was wondering if anyone knew when they would be releasing their results. Good luck to everyone who applied!!
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