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  1. For any poets reading this thread, I'd recommend demonstrating some skill with meter/rhyme in at least a couple of your poems. I wish I had worked with that more when I was younger because it's been my biggest improvement since starting my MFA at WKU, and my free verse poetry has benefited from better understanding rhythm and sound. Btw, WKU's application deadline is February 1st, so there's still time to apply. Fully-funded, two years, and an emphasis on giving you employable skills that a lot of other MFAs are lacking. I'm getting my MFA, teaching freshman composition, and getting a graduate certificate in TESL. Consider applying!
  2. Consider applying to WKU! The deadline is February 1st, so there's still a bit of time. Fully funded, two years, and a lot of opportunity to get some employable skills while you're here. Bowling Green is also a really cool town and only an hour from Nashville.
  3. If anyone wants to throw their hat in for one last minute school option, consider applying to Western Kentucky University. The program is fully funded, two years, and the deadline to apply is February 1st. It's a younger program that really focuses on giving you employment options post-graduation while you develop your writing skills. Right now, I'm getting my MFA and a secondary in TESL. Not too late!
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