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  1. If you're more interested in the lecteur position and literature program, then I don't see any problem with doing that instead of the US Masters! Like @Glasperlenspieler mentioned, most programs will evaluate you based on your research interests and writing sample. The only thing I would maybe consider is to make sure your credits would transfer to a PhD program so that you won't have to repeat a large portion of the masters. Also, I am someone who was accepted to a PhD program with just a bachelor's, so I can say from firsthand experience that it's possible, it might just take more work and b
  2. Beeba

    French PhD 2021

    I settled on UNC Chapel Hill I just really enjoyed the faculty and atmosphere and it's a little over two hours from my parents, so it'll be easy to visit them on holidays. It's a 5 year program, but I think most students take longer, around 6/7 years, so we'll see! The campus is really nice though, I'm going to take a self-guided tour with my dad soon.
  3. Beeba

    French PhD 2021

    Wow, thanks for the lengthy response! I really appreciate it. And thanks for the tip about FLAS, I had no idea about external funding stuff like this. Unfortunately I don't have my masters yet, which is one reason the stipend at UNC is so low- during my first two years I can only teach 2 courses per year, but after I get my "shadow Masters" finished, I could teach a third course and bump the stipend up to 20k. Good to know about cost of living, too. They claim to be really affordable in COL....but Chapel Hill prices have really just been going up and up, it seems anyone who lives in
  4. Beeba

    French PhD 2021

    I think you could definitely email the DGS- you can add on that you're very interested in the program which is why you wanted to know if there's an update on the funding process. Usually they're very forthcoming to accepted students, since they want you to join them. Speaking of contacting the DGS...I contacted Illinois UC to ask for an update on my status, because it's been radio silence since I submitted my application, and I have another offer on the table that I'm keen on accepting. And wouldn't you know it, he asked to meet with me next week on zoom....He mentioned the process was d
  5. Beeba

    French PhD 2021

    Congrats on the acceptance! Can't help with a list of funding packages, but in doing some research into UNC's funding, they provided this chart based on research from the ERI Student Cost of Living Comparison Calculator about the cost of living and it states that "in Berkeley, CA,... the cost of living is 234% higher than the U.S. national average." So..yknow, when you eventually get that funding package, keep that in mind! The money won't stretch as far as it would in a cheaper city, so make sure it's an appropriate stipend!
  6. Beeba

    French PhD 2021

    Just got formally accepted to UNC Chapel Hill! They have a tradition of allowing grad students to take some courses with Duke, so maybe I'll see some of you if you choose to go there haha. I've been a longtime lurker on gradcafe and only posted a few times but I'm happy to share my good news this year. This is my THIRD cycle applying after having unfortunate luck the first two times (waitlisted at one school cycle one, admitted and then offer rescinded from another school due to low funding during cycle two). I applied to >10 schools each cycle and kept getting rejection after rejecti
  7. Hey guys, not really sure if I should post this in a different area, but I figure maybe someone else applied and was accepted to University of Pittsburgh or can relate. I received an acceptance email from the Director of Graduate Studies in French at Pitt letting me know the admissions committee decided to accept me. This was back in February. He mentioned that they have a holding pattern on funding and that it would be a few more weeks until he can let me know any funding details, and that he would get back to me when it's settled and just let him know if I receive other offers. But I ha
  8. Just received and email from the Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Minnesota- I've been placed on the waitlist, and i'm ranked in the third position. He mentioned that the past two years, the first person of the waitlist has been admitted, and so has the second person last year. Let's hope they get to the third person this year? LOL
  9. I guess normally I wouldn't, but with two people (that we know of) accepted on the same date....doesn't look too good. ?
  10. Well according to the results page, from the latest Pitt acceptance : "Was told by friend at program that all the acceptance were already sent out" .......me not included....so I guess I'll be waiting for that rejection. Honestly feeling super discouraged rn.
  11. Congrats on the interview @LOiseauRouge!! My interview with Pitt was half french half english, but it probably depends on the school. I'd be prepared to speak French ?
  12. @cafesociety ah cool good to know thx ?
  13. @coucoumilou yeah I'm waiting for Berkeley as well. I don't really expect to get accepted (my GPA is not nearly stellar enough lol) but no news from them yet. I wonder if they're taking longer this year? Seeing as how the deadline was dec. 3rd, I was expecting some results by now
  14. Thanks! The professor who interviewed me was really nice and I should hear back by mid-February at the latest. I work at Lycee Paul Emile Victor in Champagnole. It's a tiny town in Franche Comte region in the Jura mountains area (So lots of cold weather and snow during winter, but I'm a southern girl so I love finally having more that a few days worth of snow lol).
  15. Hi everyone! I'm Aubrey! I'm currently working in the TAPIF program and applied to way too many schools probably, but I finally decided to make an account here to say that I've been asked to do an interview for the University of Pittsburgh!! It's the first program I've heard from so far. Any new from you guys yet?
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